Bitcoin vs Stocks: 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Better

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There are a lot of options when it comes to investing your money: foreign currencies, gold and silver, stocks, and the newest option, cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most well-known and valuable cryptocurrency, and more and more people are choosing to invest in bitcoin versus stocks. But should you?

Here are five reasons why investing in bitcoin is better than putting money into the stock market:

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Poor Predictions for the US Stock Market

Many experts agree that the stock market is in a bubble and it’s just a matter of time before it pops. In September 2017, billionaire investor Julian Robertson said, “The market as a whole is quite high on a historic basis … interest rates are so low that there’s no real competition for the money other than art and real estate.”

Historically speaking, the only time stocks were costlier was during the Tech Bubble. You know, the single largest stock market bubble in history. In August 2017, the Federal Reserve, who tends to downplay market risk, even admitted that “since the April assessment, vulnerabilities associated with asset valuation pressures had edged up from notable to elevated, as asset prices remained high or climbed further, risk spreads narrowed, and expected and actual volatility remained muted in a range of financial markets.”

While some financial advisors claim that FANG stocks are holding strong, most people agree that stock prices are too high and it’s going to come crashing down soon. Bitcoin is poised for mainstream acceptance and when that happens its worth will increase exponentially. Consider this, what would have been $100 worth of bitcoin in 2010 would now be worth over $100 million.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Bitcoin is resistant to Manipulation

One of the biggest criticisms bitcoin gets is that it’s not backed by the US Government, so it can’t be trusted. The irony of that statement is that the many of bitcoin’s proponents favor it because they have more confidence in Bitcoin than their nation’s currency.

Take the US for example. Our stock market is in a bubble and some people are blaming the Federal Reserve. The US dollar is essentially backed by nothing since we left the gold standard decades ago. The Federal Reserve’s ability to print more money means they have a huge amount of influence over the economy which can lead to bubbles, and subsequent crashes.

Bitcoin is not controlled by a single entity, and therefore, counterfeit or additional coins cannot be produced. The expected bitcoin supply is believed to be limited at 21 million. It protects Bitcoin from being manipulated in the same way US dollars can be. Confidence in national currencies as a source of wealth is waning in many countries such as India, Venezuela, China and even the US. Investing in stocks is investing in the worth of the dollar which isn’t trustworthy.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Quicker Returns with Bitcoin Investments

Bit-Coin-SafetyFor the most part, investing in the stock market is seen as the long game to financial wealth. Some people don’t see significant returns on their stock investments for decades. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is providing quick returns due to its quick growth.

From its 2009 beginnings, bitcoin’s price has peaked at $4,765 in early September 2017 and is currently settled around $3,665 a coin. Though it can be volatile, bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down and investments have historically yielded very high returns, all in less than a decade. Mainstream adoption of bitcoin hasn’t happened yet and when it does, the price will increase even further.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Bitcoin is Convenient

Bitcoin is a currency. So you can purchase goods with it as soon as you invest in it, unlike stocks which require you to sell the stocks and then use the money from the sale.

Your investment isn’t tied up — you can spend the money as soon as you’d like to. Companies such as, PayPal, and Microsoft all accept Bitcoin, as do thousands of other small businesses. Bitcoin is the clear winner when it comes to convenience.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Invest in your Beliefs

Some people invest in bitcoin for the profit, some for security, but many do it because they believe in the power of cryptocurrencies. Across various political spectrums, people are drawn to a currency that isn’t controlled by any one government. To some, it’s almost an act of protest to buy and sell goods using bitcoin instead of dollars – they are stepping outside of a broken system and investing in liberty.

There is a clear winner it comes to bitcoin vs stocks. Whether you are looking to take a political stand or you simply want to increase your wealth quickly, bitcoin is a better bet than the stock market.

Your Best Earning Years Could Be Post-Retirement

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Retirement is a dreaded time for many people because, for them, it means uncertainty about what to do with their lives. One thing is certain, you will always need renewable income, a fact which also creates a worry. This is why planning for post-retirement funding is emphasized from well before those years come along. In fact, with proper financial instruments, you can benefit from your savings and investments in an even greater way than during your active working years. You might have already invested in an IRA along with 401K, or you are looking for business ideas for retirees, to grow the funds you already have. With the right options, you can live a more comfortable retirement life than what you are living in your active working years. Let’s examine some of these options.

Delay Claiming on Your Social Security

You may not have known that there is a sure way to increase the amount you can glean from your social security retirement benefits. You are eligible for these payments when you get to retirement age; but if you wait until you are 70 years old before you start claiming, you will experience an automatic increase in the amount you will be paid. For every year after you are eligible for your social security benefit that you don’t start collecting payments, the amount increases by 8 percent. This increase ends when you turn 70 years old. Wherever the 8% stops at 70 years old, those are the increased payments you will receive for the remainder of your life. This is indeed a smart way to make the most of this benefit which you would have already had under your belt.
In fact, this is how Andrew Morgan was able to earn more during retirement than in his whole working career. He waited until he was 70 years old before he started claiming on his Social Security benefits and that allowed him to earn 76 percent more than if he had started claiming at age 62. This also benefits your spouse in the event of your death. The fact that you will be getting larger checks will also mean that their payments would be larger as well.

Start/Invest in a New Business

It is important for most retirees to not outlive their savings or pension. This can be ensured by starting or investing in a business that can provide you with some extra dollars to supplement what you already have on hand.
One way you can make some decent additional income is by investing in a cryptocurrency based small business. For those who are uninitiated, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are taking the financial market by storm and are on their way to becoming the future of money.
In 2011, the price of one Bitcoin was less than $2. Cut to 2017, and Bitcoin is now priced at upwards of $4,400. Some would argue that things are just beginning to unfold. Ever since Bitcoin’s launch, several other block chain technology-based cryptocurrencies have entered the market.
There are a number of ways you can make money by investing in a cryptocurrency based small business. One of the easiest ways, however, convenient even for retired persons, is by partnering with Bridge Advisors.
Bridge Advisors, in association with Nexxus University, offers aspiring cryptocurrency investors with the world’s first cryptocurrency specialist certification program for just $1 per week. Besides the certification program that helps you learn about an emerging financial technology and make money out of it, Bridge Advisors also help you become a Nexxus affiliate, which has a myriad of its own benefits.
If you wish to know more about how you can make money out of cryptocurrency and live a financially self-reliant life, contact Bridge Advisors today.

Work for an Additional Couple of Years

If your company allows, and if you are up to it, working for an additional five years or so will give you additional working years for your pension to accrue and also additional years to save from salary. This will eventually add up to the amount of money you would require to support you during your retirement. There are benefits to this all around, but such a decision may not be for everyone. Such a decision could, in fact, double the amount of money you would earn on a yearly basis from your retirement funds. All of this will be possible just because you made the decision to put in a few more years at the workplace.

Purchase an Immediate Life Annuity

If at retirement you realize that your savings are not sufficient to cater to your needs for the rest of your life, all is not lost. It is usually recommended that you use 4-5% of your savings on a yearly basis to take care of your expenses. If your savings cannot withstand this, an Immediate Life Annuity insurance policy may be the answer. These are usually able to offer you between 6 and 8 percent annually, and you may not have to pay too much to obtain a policy. In some cases, you may even be able to obtain a higher percentage payout rate.


All it takes to increase your financial security during your retirement years is a bit of research and decision making. While much of your preparation would have begun prior to retirement, much can still be done at the point of retirement — say, investing in a cryptocurrency based small business — to increase your spending and earning potential. Indeed, retirement need not be a dreaded time of life. On the contrary, it can be the time of your life where you stand to earn more than you ever did in your former working years.

Bitcoin Investments Vs Traditional Investments. Where are Higher Returns?

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Bitcoin Investment

There is a lot of interest surrounding Bitcoin and just how it can make money for the common man. The first of various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin came on the scene in 2009. It is actually an electronic form of currency which is quite unlike regular cash as we know it. Bitcoin functions independently of regular currency, and as such, has a low risk of inflation. The additional security afforded by the advanced encryption it uses, makes it quite appealing to many people. At the same time, however, many people are a little standoffish when it comes to cryptocurrency because they don’t completely understand all of the nuances behind the cryptography used to secure the transactions. Nevertheless, they are fast catching on as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are being dubbed as the currency of the future, and the advantages cryptocurrencies have over traditional currencies or investments are becoming more apparent. Let us take a look at how cryptocurrency matches up against the traditional currency.

Cryptocurrency versus Traditional Currency


  • Using the Bitcoin as an example, cryptocurrency does not require the involvement of a third party in trading as with regular currency. This still applies even if the transactions are being carried out internationally. The elimination of the need for a third party gets rids of the need to pay additional fees which generally pop up with the inclusion of a third party. Any associated processing fees are quite minimal especially in comparison with what traditional financial institutions generally charge.
  • The circulation of Bitcoins is controlled in three ways. One of the main ways is through mining which is a process of verification and subsequent release. Another way is through using them as payment for products or services. And thirdly, by purchasing them on a cryptocurrency exchange. The fact that they can only be circulated and distributed in these specific ways, gives it much stronger security than that afforded by regular currency.
  • When using traditional currencies or even checks, many times the transactions take a considerable period of time before they are cleared. In addition, traditional financial institutions have their various fees to process these lengthy transactions. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin completely solve this issue. They make the speed of transactions instantaneous anywhere in the world they take place. In addition, they afford great cost savings to its users with low or non-existent fees in some cases.
  • With growing interest in the Bitcoin, some major online merchants including Amazon, have begun accepting it as a legitimate way to pay for items purchased. As a result, it is becoming increasingly available to transact business in the online and global sphere. Many purchases are restricted to certain currencies only, and this is a challenge facing many people who try to do transactions with traditional currency. With Bitcoin, this restriction is removed and the global marketplace becomes truly open.
  • As a final advantage,the use of Bitcoins allows complete privacy in terms of preservation of identity, and thus identity fraud is prevented quite simply.

How Bitcoin Matches Up Against Traditional Investments


When it comes to investments, Bitcoin investments tend to be highly liquid. This means that you can trade at a stable price, which is not usually the case with most traditional investment options. It is a truly global currency which makes trading and investing easy and secure across international borders.

Unlike with the traditional currency where the value is dependent on government regulations and other global factors which cause the value to go up and down, the value of Bitcoin is solely determined by the demand of the users for them. As a result, the demand which is at this time increasing and is expected to continue that way for a while will result in great Bitcoin investment returns. To put that into perspective, someone who invests $1000 at the beginning of the year in a traditional investment vehicle at a rate of 10% profit for the year will only earn $100 on their investment by year’s end. With Bitcoins, on the other hand, someone who invests the same amount will surpass that in ways they will not be able to foresee, simply based on the demand. The ceiling really cannot be specifically determined based on the current upward trend of Bitcoin investment.

When compared to the traditional methods of investing in stocks which require specialized knowledge and familiarity with the stock market, with Bitcoin investment, the complexity vanishes. Trading can simply be done by means of Bitcoin exchanges, and automated exchanges can also be set up. The process is really not as complex as many people might think.

The fact that Bitcoin has been around for 8 years without any major intrinsic issues, really gives it a stable record which speaks for itself. Why not consider using Bitcoins as an investment instrument in lieu of traditional vehicles, especially at this time when the Bitcoin investment returns are so robust?

Merchants Benefit from Nexxus Global Rewards Community

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Unlike anything that has come before, the Nexxus Global Rewards Community offers a suite of services that will take Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency mainstream and benefit shoppers, merchants, and communities alike.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the win-win opportunity that the Nexxus Global Rewards Community offers to merchants.

Which types of merchants benefit from the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?

If you’re wondering if your retail business would benefit from participating in the Nexxus Global Rewards Community, the answer is yes. Many types of businesses realize tangible benefits from being a part of the rewards community, including restaurants, boutiques, grocery stores, service stations, movie theaters, flower shops, and dry cleaners.

Why would a merchant want to participate in the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?


Nexxus Rewards creates a win-win-win situation for shoppers, merchants, and the local community. First of all, a merchant that participates in the rewards program benefits from increased brand awareness. The Nexxus Rewards app makes it easy for shoppers to find merchants in the program, which further raises awareness.

Since people earn cash back rewards by making purchases from Nexxus merchants, they’re willing to spend more money and return in the future. The community also rewards shoppers for referring their friends. The more shoppers the Nexxus Global Rewards community has, the more awareness participating merchants have.

Do merchants have anything to lose by joining the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?

MerchantsNo! Merchants have a risk-free opportunity to earn more customers through Nexxus Rewards. Unlike other programs, there are no signup fees, contracts, or special software requirements to participate in the rewards community. Merchants pay nothing until they make the first sale from a Nexxus Rewards shopper. Therefore, using the Nexxus Rewards program to procure more customers is a risk-free solution for merchants.

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community is the first of its kind to accept Bitcoin/cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This global rewards loyalty technology exposes members to digital currency in a non-technical way, taking Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency mainstream. Nexxus Rewards is preparing for explosive growth, and this is an opportunity that merchants won’t want to miss.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Nexxus Global Rewards Community creates a risk-free solution for merchants to acquire new customers?


Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to hear how Nexxus Rewards can take your business to the next level by exposing you to a larger audience.

Will Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Be the Next Biggest Thing Since the Internet?

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In a world of financial uncertainty, Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency presents us with a tremendous opportunity to have complete control over our money.

cryptocurrencyFor some, the idea of digital currency is foreign and is reminiscent of what the concept of the credit card looked like to users in its early days. While it has been around for many years, users have historically needed to have a technical, in-depth knowledge of how digital currency works. However, users no longer need to be left in the dark as the Nexxus Global Rewards Community is taking Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency mainstream. This newest wave of technology–a peer to peer electronic cash system–is quickly gaining traction and will be next biggest thing since the internet.

Yes, that’s a bold statement to make as the internet has changed life as we know it. However, to back up this statement, here are several reasons why the Nexxus Global Rewards Community will be a game changer by taking Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency mainstream:

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community gives everyone access to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency


There are approximately 2.2 billion people that don’t currently have access to the traditional exchange. Historically, the knowledge and expertise required to take advantage of Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency created barriers to entry. The Nexxus Global Rewards Community eliminates these barriers and allows everyone to benefit from the use of digital currency. By tapping into this enormous audience that has historically been unengaged in cryptocurrency, we’ll experience a fundamental change in our global economic system.

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is recognized globally, saving time and eliminating fees

When you’re using this system, funds are not impacted by exchange rates or fees, even if the transactions take place internationally. Because cryptocurrency operates at the universal level, this saves users time and money and eliminates the hassle of having to transfer money from one country to the other.

Everyone benefits from the Nexxus Global Rewards Community’s Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System

With the unique format of the Nexxus Global Rewards Community’s peer to peer electronic cash system, all participating members can benefit. Participating shoppers, merchants, non-profit organizations, and affiliates reap the benefits of Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency without having to get technical.

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community eliminates the barriers to entry into this new financial world and allows everyone to benefit from digital currency. Contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn about the substantial financial benefits that the Nexxus Global Rewards Community will offer you.

Hedge Against Financial Market Deterioration

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Cryptocurrency is Your Solution to Hedge Against

Financial Market Deterioration

We don’t have to remind you of the financial market deterioration that our economy experienced in 2008. The “housing bubble” burst due to a combination of an increasing number of defaults on lower-quality subprime mortgages and declining home values.

Our country’s 2008 financial crisis is just one symptom of the widespread corruption of the U.S. government, central banks, and financial institutions. While it seems as though our real estate market is recovering, financial experts predict that we’ll experience another housing bubble burst in 2017 or 2018. This alarming prediction coupled with the government’s ability to create money out of nothing leaves many people concerned about their financial well-being in the future.


But here at Bridge Advisors, cryptocurrency is a solution to hedge against financial market deterioration and take back control of your financial future. Here are five defining characteristics of cryptocurrency:

1. Decentralization

One of the most attractive aspects of cryptocurrency is that it is owned and controlled by the people. Instead of relying on the government or financial institutions to govern the supply, cryptocurrency uses a decentralized model.

2. Privacy

Uses of cryptocurrency can be as anonymous as you would like. The only information revealed about the consumer is the cryptocurrency coin addresses for the sender and the receiver.

3. Unlimited Use

Consumers benefit from being able to send cryptocurrency from anyone to anyone as often as they would like with little to no fees.

4. Controlled Supply

Unlike the traditional money supply, no one can change the predetermined circulation of cryptocurrency. No one can create more cryptocurrency out of nowhere and deflate the value.

Nexxus Rewards for Merchants5. Transparency

Everything about cryptocurrency is public. While consumers can be anonymous with cryptocurrency, the transactions are recorded in the block chain for all to see.

There’s no need to worry that the government or bank will confiscate your money or tell you what to do with it. This concept is gaining momentum, and the driving force is consumers that want control over their financial destinies.

You no longer have a need to have an understanding of the technical aspects of cryptocurrency as the Nexxus Partners Community is the first to take cryptocurrency mainstream. Nexxus University empowers consumers with knowledge of this new, cutting-edge financial system and shows them how to be successful with cryptocurrency.

Don’t get bogged down with the financial crisis. Find your financial freedom today! Contact us at Bridge Advisors today to learn about enrolling in Nexxus University so that you can take your first step in securing your financial future.

How to Spot a Cryptocurrency Scam

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Spotting a Cryptocurrency Scam


03C18527Sad but true, ignorance and greed have a tendency to fuel scams and financial malpractices. Cryptocurrency is on the rise, and today’s investors are exploring opportunities with the flood of digital currencies that are coming to the market. The challenge is that some forms of cryptocurrency are too complex for the most sophisticated of investors to fully understand. Some of the more popular digital currencies require mining and extensive knowledge about cryptocurrency for investors to benefit. When investors don’t have a good grasp of what they’re putting their money into, they risk falling for a scam.

The NexxusCoin, the digital currency of the Nexxus Global Rewards Community, eliminates the complexities of digital currencies by taking cryptocurrency mainstream. There’s no need to have any prior knowledge about cryptocurrency or to go through the complicated task of mining to benefit from the NexxusCoin. Instead, members of the Nexxus Rewards Community benefit from earning cash back rewards by making purchases from participating Nexxus merchants. Each purchase made through the Nexxus Global Rewards Community increases the value of the NexxusCoin.

Bob Wood, founder, and CEO of the Nexxus Global Rewards Community, recently outlined how to identify a cryptocurrency scam:

1. Are the fundamental principles of cryptocurrency present?


Here are the defining characteristics of cryptocurrency:

*Unlimited use
*Controlled supply
*Transparency with a public ledger
*Verifiable source code



If any of these fundamental principles are missing, walk away from the opportunity. A non-genuine cryptocurrency offers unrealistic returns that usually only come from other investors’ money.

2. How does the cryptocurrency benefit users?

Once you determine whether or not the cryptocurrency includes all of the defining characteristics referenced above, the second question you must ask is if the cryptocurrency offers a user benefit to driving demand. When building a market for a digital currency, it’s necessary to have an ecosystem in place to be able to use the coin for real value exchange. If no real value is offered by the cryptocurrency to drive demand, it’s not a worthwhile investment.

In a world that’s becoming more economically unsafe, cryptocurrency provides you with an opportunity to diversify your investments. It can also help you realize tremendous financial gains. Just make sure you do your homework to prevent yourself from falling prey to a cryptocurrency scam.

The NexxusCoin includes all of the fundamental characteristics of cryptocurrency and offers real value to users through the Nexxus Global Rewards Community.

Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn more about how the NexxusCoin will allow you to take back control of your financial future.

Global Explosion of Cryptocurrency

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The Explosion of Cryptocurrency on a Global Basis

Cryptocurrency is capturing the attention of entrepreneurs on a global basis. It is considered to be one of the best financial investments to be made today. What makes cryptocurrency so attractive is that it’s not controlled by a central authority and allows people to remain incognito about their investments.

The Background of Digital Currency

There’s nothing new about digital currencies. E-gold was one of the first electronic currencies to be introduced back in the 1990s during the Dot-Com Bubble. Q Coins emerged in the mid-2000s and were so popular in China that they nearly had a destabilizing effect on the Chinese Yuan. Over the past few years, investors from around the world have had a renewed interest in digital currency, which has spawned the birth of several new digital currencies.

How the NexxusCoin is Taking Digital Currency Mainstream

The NexxusCoin, digital currency of the Nexxus Rewards Community, is quickly gaining traction with investors as it doesn’t require mining or any previous experience with cryptocurrency to get started. Historically, there have been high barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency world due to the knowledge and technical experience required. The NexxusCoin is changing all of this, though, by taking it mainstream and allowing any willing investors to take part in this exciting and rewarding financial opportunity.

The Nexxus Rewards Community is a rewards program that will take the concept of digital currency mainstream. Members of the Nexxus Rewards Community can make purchases from member merchants worldwide using NexxusCoins. Additionally, shoppers in this rewards program earn award points from making purchases from member merchants to go towards future purchases. With this format, shoppers have the incentive to make more purchases from participating merchants, and members get their feet wet with cryptocurrency in a non-overwhelming way.

The NexxusCoin is different, and those that get in early with this opportunity will realize huge financial gains. While there has been a lot of hype surrounding digital currency in recent years, the NexxusCoin and the Nexxus Rewards Community will bring explosive growth to the cryptocurrency world.

Are you interested in learning more about NexxusCoins and how you can get involved in the Nexxus Rewards Community? If so, we’d love to speak with you about this tremendous opportunity.

Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn how participating early in the Nexxus Rewards Community will lead you to financial freedom.

Don’t Be Afraid of Cryptocurrency

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For some, as soon as some people hear the word “cryptocurrency,” a glaze of confusion rolls over their face. There’s something about this word that makes people feel as though the conversation has suddenly gone over their head. I’m here to tell you that there’s no need to feel overwhelmed or confused.

CryptocurrencyWhat is Cryptocurrency and How Can You Benefit?

Cryptocurrency is simply a digital currency that is not controlled by any central authority. Considering that our country is currently dealing with out-of-control hyperinflation and an economy that can only grow by issuing more debt, digital currency presents a compelling opportunity to return financial control back to the people.  Another attractive attribute is that it uses cryptography for security. The security makes cryptocurrency difficult to counterfeit and allows you to be as anonymous as you would like.

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that has been around for a few years. The challenge with Bitcoin is that it requires users to get very technical, which is why the idea of cryptocurrency makes some minds boggle.

How the Nexxus Rewards Community is Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream

CryptocurrencyThe Nexxus Rewards Community, however, simplifies this concept by taking it mainstream. We’re removing the technical barriers that prevent people from investing in digital currency and are empowering them with the knowledge to change their family’s financial destiny. With the Nexxus Rewards Community, no prior knowledge or technical background is required to benefit from our cryptocurrency, the Nexxus Coin. We simply meet our members where they are and provide them with an opportunity to accumulate tremendous wealth.

Through the Nexxus University program, you will learn the fundamentals, which will allow you to take full advantage of the Nexxus Rewards Community. The Nexxus Rewards community uses a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, which rewards members for making purchases using Nexxus Coins. In addition to the Nexxus Rewards Community providing you with an easy way to get your feet wet with cryptocurrency, you also have the potential to earn substantial residual income through the rewards community by becoming a Nexxus Affiliate.

As you can see, with the Nexxus Rewards Community, there is no need to be fearful or feel overwhelmed when you hear the word “cryptocurrency.”

Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn how the Nexxus Rewards Community is going mainstream and the many ways that you can benefit from getting involved.

Capitalize with Nexxus Bartering Online

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How Nexxus Bartering Allows You to Capitalize On the Rise of Online Bartering

Bartering is the process of trading goods and services with others without involving money. The concept of bartering is one of the oldest methods of exchange, and there are still several cultures within modern day society that use bartering regularly.

The Rise of Online Bartering

While bartering has always been present in our society, the internet has made it more viable by making it easy to find goods and services to trade. Craigslist was one of the first platforms to take bartering online. The economic downturn caused many people to turn to bartering to acquire goods and services. Although the economy is recovering, the activity on Craigslist bartering boards increased by 100 percent over the past year.

Due to the growing popularity of bartering, more online bartering sites are popping up. Some of the more widely used bartering websites include Freecycle, Neighborgoods, Trashbank, and Trade Stuff.

The Nexxus Rewards Community Introduces the Nexxus Barter Program

Seeing the tangible value that bartering provides, the Nexxus Rewards Community is rolling out a Nexxus bartering program of its own with some unique features. It’s completely free to take advantage of the Nexxus Barter program, and members can feel comfortable knowing that the group is private and restricted to just members of the Nexxus Rewards Community. The Nexxus Barter program is the perfect way for members to get their feet wet with cryptocurrency because goods and services can be exchanged for Nexxus Coins (the digital currency of the Nexxus Rewards Community). Members can use Nexxus Coins to make purchases for participating merchants in the rewards community.

Earn an Additional Income Stream Through the Nexxus Barter Program

The Nexxus Barter program also offers the opportunity to earn an income stream from advertising revenue. While it’s free to advertise on Nexxus Barter, ads can be enhanced for a fee. The advertising income is all commissionable, creating the opportunity for you to earn additional income.

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Webinar on the Nexxus Barter Program

Are you intrigued by the concept of bartering and want to learn more about the tangible value that the Nexxus Barter program can offer? Bridge Advisors will be hosting a free webinar on Monday, February 13th to discuss the Nexxus Barter program and the many ways that members of the Nexxus Rewards Community can benefit from participation.


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