Bitcoin Rewards Program and

Retirement Planning Services

Forget Stocks, Equities, or Bonds. Bitcoin Is Now Part of the Future of a Secured Retirement Income

Here are 6 reasons why starting a Cryptocurrency home-based business is the best way to guarantee income now and in retirement:

 Earning Potential

Traditional private retirement plans like stocks and equities have seen nowhere near the level of explosive growth that Cryptocurrency has seen in the past Eleven years.

 Insulation from Market fluctuations

By not being tied to traditional currency markets, Cryptocurrency offers business opportunities for everyone that are free from wild market variations.

 100% Privacy & Security

Cryptocurrency, when done right, can be considered immune to security breaches and hacks. This makes a cryptocurrency home-based business a great opportunity.

 tax Benefits

Cryptocurrency based small businesses offer tremendous Tax Benefits that can save you thousands of dollars a year in Tax Deductions. It’s 100% secure and unlike any other home based business ideas for everyone.

 Financial Literacy and Support

We’ve partnered with a global leader in Cryptocurrency adoption. Through Bitcoin mining, trading, education, and a supportive ecosystem, we help you tap into these lucrative business opportunities for income now.

 Economic Freedom

Armed with the knowledge of a new financial system, leverage the network that you have built over your lifetime to gain complete economic and financial freedom.

J Smythes

Wow, I'm so shocked at how easy this strategy works. I want to thank you for taking the time to explain everything and getting me on the right path. I ...

S Kamaski

The retirement analysis you did for us was extremely valuable. Our advisor gave us details in an easy to understand way. I feel like a heavy weight is off my ...


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Build your Net Worth

through your network

We strengthen your new source of income and as Bitcoin retirement planning consultants who have been in the business, we will support you to become successful and financially independent. Here is how to make money now with the Bitcoin Rewards Program certified by Bridge Advisors.

Bitcoin Rewards Program

With the Bitcoin Rewards Program, you deposit Bitcoin that would normally sit in your wallet into the profit-sharing account and begin earning. The process gets even more interesting and allows you to also earn from referrals enrolling in the program with a weekly profit-sharing bonus!

Your earnings begin to grow and accumulate over time. You would otherwise just acquire the coin and leave it there in your wallet. However, things have changed, and the Bitcoin Reward Program makes it possible to grow your coins towards a secure financial future!

You earn rewards from your referrals, the weekly profit-sharing bonus as well as from the P1/P2 leadership bonuses. You also get to shelter your rewards from taxes with the self-directed IRA leaving you with a robust digital asset!

Secure Your Future with Digitized
Gold And Silver

Digitized Gold and Silver has also been added to the Blockchain to earn you a yield every month, and possibly a passive income.

The digitization of Gold and Silver has made it possible for you to secure financial assets that will remain valuable and continue to add more earning to your net worth.

Earning potential from digitized Gold and Silver can come from:
  • Holding physical Gold and Silver which yields profits
  • Minting your Gold and Silver as a digital coin which can yield profits
  • Profit-Sharing system of the program
  • Referrals who join the program through you

You truly have everything to gain by owning Gold and Silver! With Bridge Advisors’ secured backing and guidance, you are on your way to a financially secured retirement.


Bringing Mining
To Your Home

Our Innovative home mining system Includes the patent-pending Mini-Miner, Infinity HP1000 Multi Miner, hash power packages, and rounding things out with the 50 GHz Blue Cube technology. No more sending your money to another country.

Allowing you to take part in the lucrative multi-billion Cryptocurrency mining Industry in the privacy of your home.

Giving you the ability to mine over 40 different coins with our Infinity HP1000 Multi Miner, you will have the ability to hash at a rate of .25 to 2.5 per day in daily reward points.

Bridge Advisors also helps you with digitizing your hard metal assets like Gold and Silver on the blockchain. Which you can acquire in addition to Bitcoin and other crypto’s. Gold and Silver can be brought an saved in digital format, this will also earn you a monthly yield. Making it as easy to use as swiping a visa card. Overtime building up your income now needs as well as retirement!



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Advanced Cryptocurrency
Mining Platform

Any business investment option involves risks at least to a certain extent, including Bitcoin. But still, there are easy ways to minimize the risks involved and maximize the chances of profit. Today it is possible to automate your Bitcoin mining using sophisticated world-class hardware and software now available. Bridge Advisors can help you with this.

  • Mine Bitcoin & 40 other cryptos using sophisticated hardware and software
  • Minimize risks
  • Maximize profits