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We help you secure your financial future by employing non-traditional retirement planning strategies that work more effectively

There are approximately 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day with insufficient retirement income.

As Forbes magazine stated in an article in 2013, “This is the greatest retirement crisis in American history.” (Forbes Magazine, 2013)

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We offer and prefer non-traditional retirement planning services. Although, we do the traditional stuff too, such as, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, stocks and bonds but, non-traditional retirement planning proves much more effective for all of our partners.

The home-base business approach can and will bridge the gap because of its multiple benefits…

Since, the traditional products have not produced successful results for retirees over the last 30 years leaving them faced with strong possibility of retiring only to go back to work, Bridge Advisors non-traditional approach is needed to bridge the gap!

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Because, your money may or may not last for the rest of your life.

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The immediate tax benefit of owning your own home based business gives you more money to save for retirement and additional income now. This non-traditional approach will lead you to the retirement you once envisioned.

We are the bridge to your financial future…

Bridge Advisors bridge the gap between what you’ll need and what you’ll end up having if you followed your current traditional approach.

Here is How We Help You

Our partners use the following tools to level the playing field and our non-traditional approach is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

  1. Gold
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Robotic Trading

1 and 2, meaning, Gold and Cryptocurrency act as the insurance, a hedge against our ever-declining dollar.

The Robotic Stock Trader gets you out of the mutual fund game and into real possibilities.


Having enough money to last while you are in retirement requires that you have a retirement income strategy. Many people make the mistake simply accepting their Social Security at the age of 62 and investing it into the market while spending the required minimum withdrawal; this is not a retirement income strategy!

Don’t wait, start ensuring your Retirement-Strategy now.
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Wow, I'm so shocked at how easy this strategy works. I want to thank you for taking time to explain everything and getting me on the right path. I just wished I had found you sooner!

J Smythes

The retirement analysis you did for us was extremely valuable. Our advisor gave us details in an easy to understand way. I feel like a heavy weight is off my shoulders and I'm very pleased with your service. I'm thankful I found your firm.

S Kamaski

I've had a chance to review the information after speaking with John and you certainly get 5 Stars from me. Very well explained and easy to understand. I feel like I have my savings back on track and I'm in control. Thanks to you guys.