Part #2: Nexxus Partners Community, Your Solution for Retirement

By January 26, 2017Retirement

Why the Nexxus Partners Community is Your Solution for

Retirement Income

Nexxus Community Partners

In part one of this blog post series, we talked about the rise in network marketing companies and what makes someone want to become involved in such a venture. We touched a little bit on the Nexxus Partners Community, and now we want to go more in depth about how this network marketing company is your solution for retirement income.


What is the Nexxus Partners Community?

The Nexxus Partners Community uses a peer-to-peer electronic cash system to reward participating merchants, shoppers, charities, and affiliates with Nexxus Coins, which is the internal digital currency of the Nexxus Partners Community. While cryptocurrency has been around for quite some time, the use of Nexxus Coins in our loyalty rewards program makes the Nexxus Partners Community the first program to take cryptocurrency mainstream.

How can the Nexxus Partners Community benefit you?

The Nexxus Partners Community offers three key ways that you can earn residual income that will benefit you for years to come: Nexxus Rewards, Nexxus Affiliates, and Nexxus Founders.

Nexxus Rewards

Through the Nexxus Rewards program, you can earn cash back rewards and loyalty recognition points to participating members simply by making referrals. Shoppers, merchants, and charities all have the opportunity to benefit financially from the Nexxus Rewards program.

*Shoppers can earn cash-back rewards and local recognition points by making purchases from Nexxus merchants and referring other shoppers to our global rewards community.

*Merchants can increase sales and create awareness for their business by having access to this large community of shoppers.

*Charities and nonprofit organizations benefit by using the Nexxus Rewards community to maintain a perpetual fundraiser from member shoppers enrolled in the program.

Nexxus Affiliates

Nexxus Affiliates are trained and certified in Nexxus Rewards to help merchants and businesses in their community to use the rewards program as a tool for acquiring and maintaining customers. As a Nexxus Affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn a lifetime residual income by signing up merchants, referring shoppers, and managing a team of affiliate members.

Nexxus Founders

By becoming a Nexxus Founder, you’ll be able to immediately benefit from this tremendous opportunity by coming in on the top tier at the platinum level. While it would normally take years of hard work to reach this status, our exclusive group of Founders Program members benefit from earning residual income through the affiliate compensation plan in addition to owning a lifetime share of the founder’s pool.


This is your last chance to get in on the ground floor of the

Nexxus Partners Community.

Contact Bridge Advisors to learn more about becoming a Nexxus Founder.

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