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Nexxus University & Affiliate Program

Nexxus University is your training ground for becoming a Nexxus affiliate powerhouse.

As a Nexxus affiliate, you will have all of the knowledge, tools, and opportunity
to create a residual income through the power of Cryptocurrency.

Nexxus University


Nexxus University DiplomaNexxus University offers you the opportunity to empower yourself and your family with financial education for approximately $1 a week.

That’s it! This small investment in yourself will lead to a much lower risk
of being left behind and allows you to capitalize on this next big technology wave.



Through Nexxus University, you’ll learn that cryptocurrency is just the first step in achieving a secure financial future.
The wealth of cryptocurrency knowledge that you gain will allow you to take full advantage of our Nexxus Rewards community,
which will reward you for making purchases with cash or cryptocurrency. Nexxus has one of the most lucrative compensation plans maximized
for the best leverage to pay the most bonuses to successful leaders.Nexxus is also uniquely distinguished with real retail products and has
more retail customers than active affiliates to maintain legal compliance worldwide.


Nexxus University building-blocksThe “Cryptocurrency Fundamentals” Certification Program

Get your Cryptocurrency training through an easy to use Learning Management System (LMS)
Your training includes three complete courses with various exercises, quizzes, and videos to expedite the learning process.





Bit Coin Piggy BankUnlimited Earning Potential

There are three compensation plans that effortlessly give you multiple income streams. Nexxus University, Nexxus Shopper Rewards and Nexxus Bartering. Take a look at just one of these revenue streams from Nexxus University, below.




How Does Nexxus Compare?

These are examples only based on building a 3-wide organization with average member sales of $50 monthly / $600 annually.

Team Memebers Nexxus OneCoin YOcoin GCCoin
3 x 4 120 $449 $508 $197 $307
3 x 6 1,092 $4,109 $1,237 $1,047 $2,372
3 x 8 9,840 $38,144 $7,798 $8,702 $14,401
3 x 9 29,523 $118,106 $22,560 $25,925 $39,005




Your results will vary depending on your personal effort and results.


Sign up today and we will guide

you to success with Nexxus University!


$10.00 per month $25.00 per month $50.00 per month
“5 – $5 Cryptocurrency Introduction Course Product Certificates plus “The History of Money” Course for personal use. ($1 credit card processing fee). “13 – $5 Cryptocurrency Introduction Course Product Certificates plus “3 Course Bundle” Course for personal use. ($2 credit card processing fee). “30 – $5 Cryptocurrency Introduction Course Product Certificates, “Cryptocurrency Fundamentals” Certification Program for personal use. ($3 credit card processing fee).





All Affiliate Packages include the Affiliate Business System and the Affiliate Marketing System.


sign-up-Nexxus Affiliates Program Bridge Advisors




Want Even More? Become a Nexxus Founder

Join Nexxus University at the Top Tier!

Receive 12 “Fast Start Points” and a guaranteed Double Platinum rank for 12 Months.
As well as a 2 % lifetime share of the founder’s pool.

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