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What is the Nexxus Affiliate Founders Program?

Think back to the internet “gold rush” that we experienced in 2000 and imagine the long-term financial security that you could be experiencing if you had just invested in dot-com stocks. There are few opportunities that come along throughout our lifetime that can present us with an attractive residual income and chance to take our financial future by the reigns. We are on the cusp of another one of these opportunities with Nexxus Partners and its unique technology that will serve as “The First Bitcoin Loyalty Rewards, University, and Bartering Programs, Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream.”

The Nexxus Affiliate Founders Program offers you the tremendous opportunity to get in on this new technology from the ground floor and secure your financial future. The program is exclusive to the first 1,000 affiliates that participate early and will provide them the opportunity to earn through the affiliate compensation plan in addition to owning a lifetime share of the founder’s pool.

Nexxus Founder ProgramBenefits of Being a Part of the Nexxus Affiliate Founders Program

As a member of the Nexxus Affiliate Founders program, you enter at an elite level effortlessly with all three of our compensation plans, which gives you the opportunity to catch the next technology wave in its early stages and experience huge financial gains as a result. Participating members of the Nexxus Affiliate Founders Program have the potential to earn big money greater than any other cryptocurrency opportunity that will produce residual income for decades to come from a Class A company that is fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

As a Founder Your Receive Exclusive Incentives

The first 1,000 affiliates that participate in the Nexxus Affiliate Founders Program will be rewarded with 12 Fast Start Points, guaranteed a specified rank for 12 months, and given a lifetime share of the 2% founder’s pool based on qualifying group volume.


Founders Nexxus Coins Rank
001-250 4,000 Double Platinum
251-500 3,500 Platinum
501-750 3,000  Triple Diamond
751-1000  2,500  Double Diamond


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