Bridge Advisors Introduces Nexxus Affiliate Rewards Program

You’ve likely heard all of the hype about Nexxus Rewards, which is a new shared shopping experience where participants can benefit financially simply by sharing their favorite stories with friends and family.

However, this earning power can be taken to the next level when you become a Nexxus Affiliate through the Nexxus University program. Trained and certified in Nexxus Rewards, Nexxus Affiliates use their knowledge to help merchants and businesses in their community use Nexxus as an effective tool for acquiring and maintaining customers.

How Does the Nexxus Affiliate Program Work?

Each new business that a Nexxus Affiliate brings on board represents a growing shopping network. Since Affiliates are paid on the purchases of shoppers, the more merchants they sign up with the program, the higher their income earning potential will be. As an Affiliate, you can earn from every purchase made by every shopper in the entire shopper network.

Benefit by Building a Profitable Sales Team

A select few will even be chosen to lead a Nexxus Affiliate team, which would allow you to earn from each of your Affiliate’s network of shoppers in addition to your own. As you can imagine, the income earning potential in this scenario could be astronomical. It’s not uncommon for a Nexxus Affiliate Sales Managers to make at least $12,500 a month, assuming that he or she has five Affiliates on the team that each has ten merchant shopper networks, in addition to their Nexxus University income.

Nexus Affiliates have a unique opportunity to earn a stable, residual income from a base of customers that never stop shopping. You could consider this to be the easiest money that you’ll ever make, and it’s also your ticket to gaining control of your financial future.

Nexxus Rewards and Nexxus University are on the leading edge of the shared shopping community concept, which makes now the optimal time to take advantage of the opportunity to become a Nexxus Affiliate.

Benefit by Building a Profitable Sales Team

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