Hedge Against Financial Market Deterioration

Cryptocurrency is Your Solution to Hedge Against

Financial Market Deterioration

We don’t have to remind you of the financial market deterioration that our economy experienced in 2008. The “housing bubble” burst due to a combination of an increasing number of defaults on lower-quality subprime mortgages and declining home values.

Our country’s 2008 financial crisis is just one symptom of the widespread corruption of the U.S. government, central banks, and financial institutions. While it seems as though our real estate market is recovering, financial experts predict that we’ll experience another housing bubble burst in 2017 or 2018. This alarming prediction coupled with the government’s ability to create money out of nothing leaves many people concerned about their financial well-being in the future.


But here at Bridge Advisors, cryptocurrency is a solution to hedge against financial market deterioration and take back control of your financial future. Here are five defining characteristics of cryptocurrency:

1. Decentralization

One of the most attractive aspects of cryptocurrency is that it is owned and controlled by the people. Instead of relying on the government or financial institutions to govern the supply, cryptocurrency uses a decentralized model.

2. Privacy

Uses of cryptocurrency can be as anonymous as you would like. The only information revealed about the consumer is the cryptocurrency coin addresses for the sender and the receiver.

3. Unlimited Use

Consumers benefit from being able to send cryptocurrency from anyone to anyone as often as they would like with little to no fees.

4. Controlled Supply

Unlike the traditional money supply, no one can change the predetermined circulation of cryptocurrency. No one can create more cryptocurrency out of nowhere and deflate the value.

Nexxus Rewards for Merchants5. Transparency

Everything about cryptocurrency is public. While consumers can be anonymous with cryptocurrency, the transactions are recorded in the block chain for all to see.

There’s no need to worry that the government or bank will confiscate your money or tell you what to do with it. This concept is gaining momentum, and the driving force is consumers that want control over their financial destinies.

You no longer have a need to have an understanding of the technical aspects of cryptocurrency as the Nexxus Partners Community is the first to take cryptocurrency mainstream. Nexxus University empowers consumers with knowledge of this new, cutting-edge financial system and shows them how to be successful with cryptocurrency.

Don’t get bogged down with the financial crisis. Find your financial freedom today! Contact us at Bridge Advisors today to learn about enrolling in Nexxus University so that you can take your first step in securing your financial future.

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