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How Nexxus Bartering Allows You to Capitalize On the Rise of Online Bartering

Bartering is the process of trading goods and services with others without involving money. The concept of bartering is one of the oldest methods of exchange, and there are still several cultures within modern day society that use bartering regularly.

The Rise of Online Bartering

While bartering has always been present in our society, the internet has made it more viable by making it easy to find goods and services to trade. Craigslist was one of the first platforms to take bartering online. The economic downturn caused many people to turn to bartering to acquire goods and services. Although the economy is recovering, the activity on Craigslist bartering boards increased by 100 percent over the past year.

Due to the growing popularity of bartering, more online bartering sites are popping up. Some of the more widely used bartering websites include Freecycle, Neighborgoods, Trashbank, and Trade Stuff.

The Nexxus Rewards Community Introduces the Nexxus Barter Program

Seeing the tangible value that bartering provides, the Nexxus Rewards Community is rolling out a Nexxus bartering program of its own with some unique features. It’s completely free to take advantage of the Nexxus Barter program, and members can feel comfortable knowing that the group is private and restricted to just members of the Nexxus Rewards Community. The Nexxus Barter program is the perfect way for members to get their feet wet with cryptocurrency because goods and services can be exchanged for Nexxus Coins (the digital currency of the Nexxus Rewards Community). Members can use Nexxus Coins to make purchases for participating merchants in the rewards community.

Earn an Additional Income Stream Through the Nexxus Barter Program

The Nexxus Barter program also offers the opportunity to earn an income stream from advertising revenue. While it’s free to advertise on Nexxus Barter, ads can be enhanced for a fee. The advertising income is all commissionable, creating the opportunity for you to earn additional income.

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