Merchants Benefit from Nexxus Global Rewards Community

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Unlike anything that has come before, the Nexxus Global Rewards Community offers a suite of services that will take Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency mainstream and benefit shoppers, merchants, and communities alike.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the win-win opportunity that the Nexxus Global Rewards Community offers to merchants.

Which types of merchants benefit from the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?

If you’re wondering if your retail business would benefit from participating in the Nexxus Global Rewards Community, the answer is yes. Many types of businesses realize tangible benefits from being a part of the rewards community, including restaurants, boutiques, grocery stores, service stations, movie theaters, flower shops, and dry cleaners.

Why would a merchant want to participate in the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?


Nexxus Rewards creates a win-win-win situation for shoppers, merchants, and the local community. First of all, a merchant that participates in the rewards program benefits from increased brand awareness. The Nexxus Rewards app makes it easy for shoppers to find merchants in the program, which further raises awareness.

Since people earn cash back rewards by making purchases from Nexxus merchants, they’re willing to spend more money and return in the future. The community also rewards shoppers for referring their friends. The more shoppers the Nexxus Global Rewards community has, the more awareness participating merchants have.

Do merchants have anything to lose by joining the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?

MerchantsNo! Merchants have a risk-free opportunity to earn more customers through Nexxus Rewards. Unlike other programs, there are no signup fees, contracts, or special software requirements to participate in the rewards community. Merchants pay nothing until they make the first sale from a Nexxus Rewards shopper. Therefore, using the Nexxus Rewards program to procure more customers is a risk-free solution for merchants.

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community is the first of its kind to accept Bitcoin/cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This global rewards loyalty technology exposes members to digital currency in a non-technical way, taking Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency mainstream. Nexxus Rewards is preparing for explosive growth, and this is an opportunity that merchants won’t want to miss.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Nexxus Global Rewards Community creates a risk-free solution for merchants to acquire new customers?


Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to hear how Nexxus Rewards can take your business to the next level by exposing you to a larger audience.

Will Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Be the Next Biggest Thing Since the Internet?

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In a world of financial uncertainty, Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency presents us with a tremendous opportunity to have complete control over our money.

cryptocurrencyFor some, the idea of digital currency is foreign and is reminiscent of what the concept of the credit card looked like to users in its early days. While it has been around for many years, users have historically needed to have a technical, in-depth knowledge of how digital currency works. However, users no longer need to be left in the dark as the Nexxus Global Rewards Community is taking Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency mainstream. This newest wave of technology–a peer to peer electronic cash system–is quickly gaining traction and will be next biggest thing since the internet.

Yes, that’s a bold statement to make as the internet has changed life as we know it. However, to back up this statement, here are several reasons why the Nexxus Global Rewards Community will be a game changer by taking Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency mainstream:

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community gives everyone access to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency


There are approximately 2.2 billion people that don’t currently have access to the traditional exchange. Historically, the knowledge and expertise required to take advantage of Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency created barriers to entry. The Nexxus Global Rewards Community eliminates these barriers and allows everyone to benefit from the use of digital currency. By tapping into this enormous audience that has historically been unengaged in cryptocurrency, we’ll experience a fundamental change in our global economic system.

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is recognized globally, saving time and eliminating fees

When you’re using this system, funds are not impacted by exchange rates or fees, even if the transactions take place internationally. Because cryptocurrency operates at the universal level, this saves users time and money and eliminates the hassle of having to transfer money from one country to the other.

Everyone benefits from the Nexxus Global Rewards Community’s Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System

With the unique format of the Nexxus Global Rewards Community’s peer to peer electronic cash system, all participating members can benefit. Participating shoppers, merchants, non-profit organizations, and affiliates reap the benefits of Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency without having to get technical.

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community eliminates the barriers to entry into this new financial world and allows everyone to benefit from digital currency. Contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn about the substantial financial benefits that the Nexxus Global Rewards Community will offer you.

Global Explosion of Cryptocurrency

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The Explosion of Cryptocurrency on a Global Basis

Cryptocurrency is capturing the attention of entrepreneurs on a global basis. It is considered to be one of the best financial investments to be made today. What makes cryptocurrency so attractive is that it’s not controlled by a central authority and allows people to remain incognito about their investments.

The Background of Digital Currency

There’s nothing new about digital currencies. E-gold was one of the first electronic currencies to be introduced back in the 1990s during the Dot-Com Bubble. Q Coins emerged in the mid-2000s and were so popular in China that they nearly had a destabilizing effect on the Chinese Yuan. Over the past few years, investors from around the world have had a renewed interest in digital currency, which has spawned the birth of several new digital currencies.

How the NexxusCoin is Taking Digital Currency Mainstream

The NexxusCoin, digital currency of the Nexxus Rewards Community, is quickly gaining traction with investors as it doesn’t require mining or any previous experience with cryptocurrency to get started. Historically, there have been high barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency world due to the knowledge and technical experience required. The NexxusCoin is changing all of this, though, by taking it mainstream and allowing any willing investors to take part in this exciting and rewarding financial opportunity.

The Nexxus Rewards Community is a rewards program that will take the concept of digital currency mainstream. Members of the Nexxus Rewards Community can make purchases from member merchants worldwide using NexxusCoins. Additionally, shoppers in this rewards program earn award points from making purchases from member merchants to go towards future purchases. With this format, shoppers have the incentive to make more purchases from participating merchants, and members get their feet wet with cryptocurrency in a non-overwhelming way.

The NexxusCoin is different, and those that get in early with this opportunity will realize huge financial gains. While there has been a lot of hype surrounding digital currency in recent years, the NexxusCoin and the Nexxus Rewards Community will bring explosive growth to the cryptocurrency world.

Are you interested in learning more about NexxusCoins and how you can get involved in the Nexxus Rewards Community? If so, we’d love to speak with you about this tremendous opportunity.

Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn how participating early in the Nexxus Rewards Community will lead you to financial freedom.


The Importance of Cryptocurrency in Retirement & Tax Planning

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As the old saying states, “There’s only two things certain in life: Death and taxes.”

Tax Day is always looming in the distance. And although it may seem far away now, it actually will be here before you know it.

While it may be too late to reduce what you have to pay in taxes this year, now could be the perfect time to begin thinking – and planning – for how you can save on the taxes you will have to pay for your home based business next year and beyond.

Minimizing Your Tax Exposure

Genuine tax planning requires concepts and strategies to reduce the overall taxes you have to pay, and it’s critical to your overall success. As a small business owner, there are essentially two ways to keep more of your money rather than pay it in taxes:

1. Play offense by earning more money

2. Play defense by spending less

For most small business owners, taxes are actually the single biggest expense. Because they generally have little overhead, few employees, and – if they are a web-based business – little or no inventory, the biggest check they write each year is to the Internal Revenue Service.

One of the best ways to get your tax planning started now is to hire a tax consultant. This is someone, usually an accountant, who understands the latest IRS changes and who can guide you to preparing for them to your maximum tax advantage.

Tax Tips You Can Put to Use Now

In the meantime, there are some things every home based business owner should be doing now to prepare for Tax Day.

The first is to get organized. Keeping accurate, organized records about actual business expenses will make the process of preparing and filing your taxes go smoother later.

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is not maintaining their records as they go. If you throw invoices or billings into a folder that you plan on getting to later, inevitably there will be a mountain of organizing for you to do when you finally get around to tackling it.

And if there is a tax deadline looking over your shoulder, it’s going to cause even more stress.

Start-Up Expenses

Another simple way home based businesses can plan for their taxes and retirement planning is to accurately calculate your start-up expenses. While these can be taken as a tax deduction, it can only be done if your business is losing money.

But there is a workaround: A good tax adviser can show you how to delay paying some bills until after your business is already up and running. Or you can do a small amount of business just to establish an official start date so you can show a loss and get your deduction.

Home Office Deductions

Speaking of deductions, the expense of running a home office are probably one of the least understood in the entire tax code.

A lot of home business owners are afraid to claim any home office deductions for fear it will raise a red flag and attract an IRS audit. But in recent years, Congress has eased the rules so that home offices now face far less scrutiny than they formerly did.

In order to qualify for home office deductions, you have to use the office exclusively and regularly for administrative or management activities of your business. You can’t claim your bedroom as your home office, for example, unless you actually work there most of the time.

You also can have no other fixed location where you conduct substantial business or management activities. So if you are splitting your work time between your home office and the nearby Starbucks, you may want to use the drive-through and bring your fancy coffee drinks home while you work.

What Type of Home Business Should You Run?

Thanks to the Internet, there is practically an unlimited number of home based businesses that you can run that can earn you a substantial income.

One of the most lucrative right now is making money with cryptocurrency.

What’s that? Cryptocurrency is just like regular money, except it is designed with the purpose to exchange digital information online. It involves securing transactions which control the production of new coins.

One of the first cryptocurrencies was Bitcoin, which first was introduced in 2008. Today, there are many different types of cryptocurrencies, and some of the biggest and most successful online companies – including PayPal, Apple, and Google – are getting into the marketplace.

The opportunities for the home-based business owner in cryptocurrency are unlimited. To learn more about cryptocurrency and how you can use it to earn a substantial income while running your own successful company directly from your own home, visit Bridge Advisors.


Take advantage of the opportunity with Cryptocurrency and Nexxus Partners

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How do you take advantage of the opportunity with Nexxus University, Nexxus Rewards?

By educating your family and yourself

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to review the Nexxus opportunity. We are very excited about this huge income opportunity with the biggest technology wave since the Internet and the personal computer.

Your timing is perfect to get in on the forefront of a huge trend that will change society in a way never before thought possible. In the same way that the Internet disrupted the mainstream news media, that email disrupted the postal service, that Uber disrupted public transportation, and that iTunes disrupted music publishing, This new technology trend will turn our banking and financial systems upside-down. It will be bigger than all previous disruptive technologies combined because it deals directly with the power structure of the existing establishment… YOUR MONEY.

Imagine for a second, your own personal, peer-to-peer, electronic, cash system.

 Imagine if there was no government or banking system telling you how you could and could not use your own money.

 Imagine if your transactions were private and no government, company or person could know how much money you receive or spend.

 Imagine if you could spend your money with anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any amount, for whatever you want, immediately, with practically no fees.

 Imagine if you could eliminate wild inflation of your currency because no one could just create more of it out of thin air.

 And imagine if the public ledger of all activity was open for everyone to see to prevent any manipulation or corruption by the establishment or other bad actors.

This new technology trend has been developing and maturing for 7 years and will be adopted by the mainstream public in the next 24 to 36 months. This is your opportunity to be prepared to capitalize on this huge new trend. You will not only learn how to profit from the significant gains of your electronic currency, but you will also learn how to profit from the infrastructure supporting this new phenomenon that is right around the corner.

Nexxus has a solid business plan to provide consumer benefits to creating buyer demand to build real value for this electronic currency.

Imagine if you were an early promoter of credit card processing services and you were earning nickels, dimes and quarters from millions of transactions. That opportunity is here again, but this time with your own, electronic cash, owned and controlled by you and the people.

It is here to stay and cannot be stopped. The only question is, will you be prepared to capitalize on the biggest technology trend of this and the last century.

Come join us and see how success can happen for you when preparation meets opportunity.

Citibank stated it best in one of their recent articles, “this industry is here to stay”! Don’t miss this one.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, states CITIBANK

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Some of you followed Bitcoin during its introduction in 2009. At that time, major banks from Citibank, JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan, Wells Fargo and others came against them. In my opinion, the reason for this was because they could no longer control the money system in America and worldwide – had it gone viral.

If we reflect back for a minute, during that time, they would lose all of their bank fees and credit card transaction fees that we all reluctantly pay. They stilled to lose billions in fees each year.

Moreover, their fear tactics and smear campaign did not stop the men and women at Bitcoin nor did it deter those brave Americans and people worldwide who said enough is enough. Merchants like BMW, Home Depot, Dell Computers, Microsoft,, PayPal and over 300,000 merchants realized that they along with the consumer could drastically reduce their fees and eliminate paying taxes worldwide on their purchases and the lists gets larger daily. They figured out you cannot stop a product or service whose time has come.

This is a worldwide paradigm shift and if you can’t beat them; you had better join them.

Click here to read what Citibank had up their sleeves.


Tomorrow, I will share an example of what Nexxus University could potentially do for you now and when your retire.

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