The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin

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Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin

Learn more about the Greatest Wealth Creation opportunity since the dotcom boom

Chapter 1:

The meteoric rise of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ether and more

Chapter 2:

Why the Banking & Financial sectors are directly to blame for the rise of Cryptocurrency

Chapter 3:

Benefits of Bitcoin & why everyone from Millennials to Boomers is excited

Chapter 4:

Bitcoin Essentials

  • How to Buy & Trade Bitcoin
  • What determines the value of Bitcoin
  • What affects the Price of Bitcoins

Chapter 5:

Retirement & Bitcoin

  • How Bitcoin can prevent a Retirement Crisis
  • 3 Reasons
  • A bit of caution
  • FAQ

Chapter 1:

Bitcoin Explodes & The Meteoric Rise of Cryptocurrency

Since its launch in early 2009, Bitcoin for the longest time was merely a blip on the tech radar – known only to a few and cared about by even less. Fast forward a decade and Bitcoin is the poster child for Cryptocurrency –  a veritable juggernaut. It’s also the driving force behind an entire ecosystem of peer-to-peer trade that includes Futures, Options, ETFs and Self Regulated Bitcoin IRAs. Traders and the general public are slowly waking up to the reality that Cryptocurrencies are mainstream and are happening right now!

There are plenty though who are still on the fence about Crypto’s growing influence within the world of traditional finance. To them, I would say look no further than the futures markets that debuted on the 10th of December 2017. As of this writing, two of the largest futures exchanges in the world are trading Cryptocurrency – the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Cboe Global Markets, with the NASDAQ futures set to roll out in early 2018. It’s worth pointing out that, unlike traditional Cryptocurrency purchases made by individuals, wherein a person buys and holds onto currency in digital wallets, both exchanges let traders get exposure to Crypto price movements without having any actual currency i.e. minus the wallet.

The efforts of the exchanges notwithstanding, Cryptocurrency truly has come of age. Where low liquidity and a lack of infrastructure once made for wary investors, today new platforms like LedgerX and tZero are revolutionizing the system and bringing Cryptocurrency to the masses. These developments and more like it are good news for ‘ordinary’ investors since it reduces risk and allows currencies like Bitcoin to work on a grand scale. Also with regulated trades, Cryptocurrencies can achieve the volume and liquidity level needed to be attractive to big institutional investors.

Lastly, the most well-known proof of Cryptocurrencies mainstream appeal is the huge price increase that Bitcoin and few other currencies experienced towards the end of 2017. According to financial experts, all the factors that I’ve outlined above – the futures, the increasing number of investment options and the advancements in blockchain based finance came together like a perfect storm and drove the prices up to unheard of levels – taking most traditional traders by surprise.

One could argue that Cryptocurrencies are riding on a wave of advances in regulation, technology and new financial systems and architecture. This is without a doubt a goldmine for the casual investor as more Cryptocurrency and blockchain based investment choices are available now than ever before. It’s a unique once-in-a-generation opportunity for wealth creation that absolutely is worth exploring along with other more traditional investment opportunities.

Chapter 2:

The ‘why’ behind the surge and what the mainstream news won’t tell you

When Bitcoin surged from $1,000 at the start of 2017 to a record high of $17,000 in the month of December, there was a ton of speculation as to what was driving the surge. The application and possibilities of blockchain technology across industry and finance were one factor but that alone couldn’t drive such a huge surge. The underlying factors are known to many but rarely discussed in mainstream media. Luckily, if we compile data from multiple sources, a picture starts to emerge.

A picture of a fundamental lack of trust in Government, Big Business, and Big Money. Here’s why:

Data Security Breaches are becoming commonplace 

In September of 2017, Equifax one of the largest credit reporting companies reported a cybersecurity breach. Although not an isolated incident, the Equifax breach was noteworthy because hackers made off with the credit data of over 143 million customers. To put things in perspective, that’s over ½ the population of the entire United States. Even more damning? Reports show that Equifax executives sold $2 million worth of stock within days of the breach. And then informed officials and the general public a month later.

A full month.

As infuriating as this case clearly is, it’s by no means an isolated incident. In July, hackers broke into the records of Verizon and made off with the records of 14 million subscribers and customers of the Bangladesh Bank lost $100 million to another cybersecurity breach. Statistics show two things: (1) These attacks are increasing in frequency which is hardly surprising given the growth in the volume of transactions and personal data stored online. (2) Although companies to their credit have made cybersecurity a top priority, they’re not doing a very good job; putting our hard earned money at risk.  

Centralized Control of Currency is Dangerous

Most of us give international finance and big money hardly any thought – I included. Which is why it came as no shock for many to see so many big banks, finance pundits, and even governments come out so vociferously against Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular.  There’s a reason for this and it’s something that the Big Business-controlled media will never openly admit to the fact that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are disrupting the system and shifting the balance of power.

To explain further, first a quick lesson in economics: the dollar and other state-backed currencies called FIAT Currencies have a fundamental flaw in stroking inflation as wealth among the general population increases.

To elaborate simply, as more people come into wealth, they buy more. More purchases by so many reduce the supply of desirable goods and services which in turn forces merchants to increase the prices of said goods and services. As prices increase and more money is needed for purchases, the value of the individual monetary units decreases i.e. the purchasing power of the currency reduces. This is called inflation and it has a direct effect on the Consumer Price Index – a measure of the cost of living.


Although rare in the US, wild fluctuations in the value of state-backed currencies do happen. The Government, for example, can decide tomorrow to print additional currency notes which devalues existing currency and reinforces a higher cost of living on its citizens – as is happening right now in Venezuela and the Bolivar. In instances like these, the people are left with no recourse than to suffer or protest. Either way breeds mistrust in the government, banks and public officials.

Adding to this mistrust is the undeniable fact that both Governments, Banks and other financial institutions are run by people with vested interests. Vested interests that have a huge impact on our daily lives.

Case in point? If the government isn’t able to manage its debt or takes a wrong policy decision, the resulting fall out has major repercussions on currency valuations. Banks we know for certain have only their own interests at heart – the 2008 financial crisis was the most devious orchestrated looting of public wealth on record. And in the end, not only did no one goes to prison for putting the lives of millions of ordinary citizens at considerable risk, but we also gave them even more money so that their crippled, corrupt institutions could continue to stay in business (Too big to fail – Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Citibank??).

The People crave for Economic Stability

Given how much of economic instability can be laid at the feet of corrupt banks and governments, it’s no wonder that the appeal of Cryptocurrency has taken off since Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are designed to be immune to the vagaries of economic turmoil and the influences of central authorities.

The result is a more robust store of value that cannot be influenced by banks, governments, and financial machinations. A store of value that gives power back to the people. Says Luis Cuende of Aragon: 

“We don’t really need permission from banks or governments to move this forward. What’s going to happen is that people are going to start using Cryptocurrencies more and more and they’re going to self-organize and maybe self-govern. I think it’s pretty organic. 

If you think about FIAT currencies, you see crazy changes in value because governments can print whenever they want to, but it happens the opposite with Crypto like Bitcoin. It can only grow in value – there is no other outcome at all.” 

Chapter 3:

Why everyone from Millennials to Boomers is excited about Bitcoin

Imagine you were in your early 20’s in the year 2008. You watched in horror as the financial system imploded around you from years of shady deals & dubious financial practices. The job market dried up almost instantly as major banks imploded and your career prospects looked incredibly bleak at best. Given that you grew up with a smartphone with access to social media and the media, you slowly come to realize how corruption and collusion were at the heart of the economic collapse.

The entire situation left a truly bitter taste with the aftermath of recovery being truly horrid. Disillusion set in as the very perpetrators of the economic collapse – the banks – were bailed out by Uncle Sam, all without a single person ever going to prison for the colossal damage caused. These factors and more let to a permanent distrust of financial institutions, Big Money and any other form of centralized authority.

Now imagine one day you discover a new form of currency. Of wealth creation that is secure, transparent and free from the corruption and unreliability of the old financial system. Since Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, fully transparent and anonymous, it’s free from any form of ‘big brother’ interference. Users can verify transactions without the involvement of any middlemen (read banks). Also, fees are low and transactions can occur across national borders.

This sense of freedom meant that Millennials finally felt a sense of control over their money. A sense they never had during the reign of the old guard. Most Millennials viewed Cryptocurrencies as a hedge against future instability and a more secure way to save for education, retirement, and life. This outlook was one of the key factors in the rapid adoption of Cryptocurrency.


Boomers, on the other hand, took a more cautious approach, with many preferring to stick to conventional financial vehicles that to them, are tried and tested. Happily, though, that is changing.


As Josh “Downtown” Brown – a popular panelist on CNBC’s ‘Fast Money Halftime Report’ – put it “Someone who is 65 now, cannot afford to take all the risks of the table – particularly given that some of you can easily live till 95. If you think you’re going to fund a 30-year retirement with a Treasury Bond yielding 2% then you’re smoking crack. Never going to make it, never going to make it”

He went on to add “Like it or not, boomers are needing to learn to deal with volatility and take on more risk. You cannot just turn to all-cash bonds in your 60s anymore – given low-interest rates and longer lifespans.” 

Today, we see that although lower in number compared to Millennials, a growing number of Boomers are raking in a tidy profit from Cryptocurrency purchases – both Bitcoin and lesser known ones.

Teeka Tiwari, Chief Investment Analyst for the Palm Beach Research Group says that this acceptance of Cryptocurrency is just the start of a massive wealth generation cycle for the American middle-class.

Says Tiwari “There are 700 other lesser known cryptocurrencies that smart investors are tapping into to experience life-changing profits. One of these little-known currencies has increased 22,000% in the past few years, and others have increased thousands of percentage points in mere months.” 

For the sake of those just starting out in Crypto, here are 4 things you need to know about Bitcoin:

It’s currency built on a platform that’s owned by everybody

Just like email platforms – Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail that are built by their respective companies on top of a mail platform, Bitcoin is built on a platform called blockchain that isn’t owned by any one corporation or entity. It’s a public system.

Cryptocurrencies remove the middleman

Every time you use your credit card to make a transaction, there are lots of middlemen that take a cut of the money before the merchant actually receives his payment. With Bitcoin, there is no middleman and so you don’t have to pay one.

There are risks

Bitcoin Alto more secure than traditional finance is susceptible to hacks. That being said, there are a lot of very smart people working to minimize that risk.

It’s volatile

Keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are a volatile investment with a lot of up and down movement. Before you put your money into cryptocurrency, it’s advisable to speak to an expert.

Chapter 4:

Bitcoin Essentials

How To Buy & Trade Bitcoin


Buying Bitcoin Locally:

An easy way to get your hands on Bitcoins is to access a local Bitcoin Network or community and buy currency from other users. Search apps cloud buyers and sellers to find each other with the intention of trading cash for Bitcoins. This is the way Bitcoins were intended to be traded since there’s no need to store your coins on a central server when you can just meet someone and buy coins from them directly. Alternatively, you can also purchase Bitcoins from Bitcoin ATMs. There are already hundreds of such special ATMs across the United States with much more coming online in the years to come.

Buying Bitcoin from a Clearing House:

So many of us, purchasing Bitcoin through a Clearing House like Coinbase is how we buy Cryptocurrency as and when needed. Clearing houses like Coinbase will always have Bitcoins available and they will even help you store them on your personal digital wallet – only charging a small 1% fee on every transaction. The only downside of purchasing Bitcoins through Clearing Houses is the loss of privacy and anonymity that can be enjoyed at the protocol level since you have to create a user profile that the clearing house will have on its record.

Buying Bitcoin from a Trading House:

For those people who look at Bitcoins as commodities to be bought & sold, buying Bitcoins can also be done on Bitcoin exchanges such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Buying Cryptocurrency from these exchanges requires an understanding of how commodity trading works and usually requires an even higher level of individual identification – even more than clearing houses.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

According to Investopedia “Bitcoin mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the blockchain, and also the means through which new bitcoins are released.  Anyone with access to the internet and suitable hardware can participate in mining.  The mining process involves compiling recent transactions into blocks and trying to solve a computationally difficult puzzle.  The participant who first solves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the blockchain and claim the rewards.  The rewards, which incentivize mining, are both the transaction fees associated with the transactions compiled in the block as well as newly released bitcoin.”. This is how bitcoin mining works.  

How the Price of Bitcoin is Determined

Before going further, a quick clarification: In this instance, ‘value’ is not to be confused with ‘price’ – which is the physical or monetary cost of buying Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin being discussed here is the sum of a combination of factors outlined below:

Cryptocurrency like any other currency has value because the people who buy it is you it has some value. Bitcoin is unique because unlike other currencies that are backed by gold or other precious metals, Bitcoins inherit value is driven only by the value that people attach to it. The more valuable people think it is, the higher the price rises and vice versa.


The following points are some of the factors that influence the price of cryptocurrencies:

Limited Supply and supply/demand

There are only 21 million Bitcoins available for overall purchase.  Unlike other forms of traditional currency, no more Bitcoins will be produced making what is available highly sought after.

Energy put in the form of electricity to secure the blockchain

Mining Bitcoins requires a considerable amount of energy which will only increase as the number of Bitcoins that can be successfully mined becomes fewer and fewer in number. The higher the energy consumption to mine Bitcoin, the higher the price.

Blockchain difficulty level

The more secure the blockchain, the higher the mining difficulty and a subsequent effect on price.

The utility of the currency, and how easy it is to use and store

A currency has value because it can be used to purchase goods and services. Right now this utility for Bitcoin is in its infancy but, it is growing. The more Bitcoin can be used to pay for goods and services, the higher it’s perceived value.

Perceptions of its value by the public

The biggest factor that affects the value of Bitcoin is public perception.  The more people perceive it to be valuable, the higher the price. This public perception is influenced to a large degree by the media and information found online.

Confidence in traditional systems

As we’ve discussed earlier, the lack of trust in traditional financial systems is a big contributor towards the higher price of Cryptocurrencies.

Chapter 5:

Retirement & Bitcoin

How Bitcoin can prevent the looming Retirement Crisis

For those of you with a retirement fund, you are already ahead of the game.  Research has indicated that nearly 40% of Americans haven’t saved anything for retirement according to the National Institute on Retirement Security.  Chances are though, your retirement fund could do with a boost.

It is universally agreed upon that to maintain your current standard of living in retirement, you must save at least 11 times your income by the age of 65. Most Americans don’t come anywhere close to that figure, as workers are simply not saving enough. This lack of financial security is putting a tremendous strain on Medicare and Social Security. Case in point: in 2017 Social Security paid out only $1,316 a month and government figures have indicated that Medicare will be completely depleted of funds by 2028. A lot of experts agree that the next economic quagmire that America will face is the Retirement Crisis.

It’s providential then that the rise of cryptocurrency has come at the right time offering investors a new option of generating wealth. And since Bitcoin is not tied to any government policies or financial assets, it’s able to provide a higher rate of return and security beyond what traditional assets can offer. The Millennial generation – already burdened with high student debt and a depressed economy post the crash in 2008, are turning to Bitcoin in droves in order to at least guarantee their retirement. Given that Bitcoin has grown by 1300% in 2017 alone while other traditional investments have remained stagnant shows that it’s a prudent choice for long-term Investments.

Here’s everything you needed to know about adding digital currencies to your retirement portfolio:

  • You can easily convert your current IRA or 401K into a Digital Currency IRA. The process is simple & easy.
  • A Bitcoin IRA is like any other retirement account – you make regular tax advantage to contributions to an IRS recognized retirement account that is set-up and administered by a custodian or managed yourself (SDIRA). The only difference is that rather than investing in traditional investments like stocks, your investments are in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • IRS recognizes Bitcoin as a property rather than a currency.
  • Your Bitcoin IRA is subject to the same rules as a traditional IRA, Roth IRA or a company sponsored 401k.
  • Bitcoin has consistently been able to deliver incredible returns on investment in just a few years. Returns that have been for more than traditional stocks and other investments have been able to do – upwards of 1000% in a single year!
  • Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not pegged against the dollar they can act as a hedge against inflation. Also, since it is not controlled by any Central authority it is immune from the effects of manipulation and influence.
  • Bitcoins underlying Technology the blockchain of a state of the art security against hacks and other forms of cyber security threats.

By removing the middleman i.e. Banks, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies give you back total control of your OWN money. No more limits on withdrawal, no more unnecessary fees, and surcharges.

6 Smart Ways to Make Money Using Bitcoin Mining

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Make Money Mining Bitcoin

It doesn’t take a tech savant or a cryptocurrency maven to make money using bitcoin mining; anyone can do it, including you.

It’s something that doesn’t require too many extra hours and could help bring in more money each month.

Now, there are different ways to make money using Bitcoins that can work.

If you’re curious to find out how even you can do it, keep reading this article as I outline six smart ways to make money using bitcoins.

Remember, that investing and buying Bitcoins is similar to playing the stock market, there aren’t any guarantees of a profit.

These tips will help you decide if you’re ready to start making money using Bitcoins and how.

#1. Bitcoin Mining to Make Money Using Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining forms the core of the Bitcoin industry. Miners create new bitcoins and authorize and secure new transactions.

You can earn Bitcoins as a Bitcoin miner every time you process and approve a transaction. When a block of transactions is produced, you’re put in a competition against other miners to solve a proof. The winner of the competition wins Bitcoins as a reward.

Before jumping into this option, there are some points to consider:

• Bitcoin Inflation: Bitcoin doesn’t have inflation because there are a finite number of Bitcoins available. This means the proofs are becoming increasingly harder to solve.
• Profitability and Productivity: You can make a profit as a Bitcoin mining. You need to make sure your utilization and hash rates balance each other out. If not, you’re not making any money as a Bitcoin miner.
• Energy Costs: The utility and energy costs can be higher than your earnings as a beginner Bitcoin miner. This is especially highlighted if you’re mining in your home.

#2. Joining a Mining Pool to Earn Money Using Bitcoin

As I mentioned in the previous section, the proofs for mining Bitcoins is becoming increasingly more difficult.

It’s almost impossible for someone to mine Bitcoins alone.

Becoming a member of a mining pool can give you a small earning quickly.

A mining pool is a team of miners who share their knowledge and hash strength to solve a block of transactions. Miners share the reward corresponding to the number of parts they contributed to the transaction block.

To ensure you get your fair share, there are two methods:

• Pay-per-Share: In this method, a bitcoin miner who has a stake in a pool’s current Bitcoin bank, receives an immediate payment when the proof is solved.
• Double Geometric Method: In this method, a miner receives part of a payment in short intervals and refunds it at long intervals to level out payments.

#3. Using Faucets to Make Money Using Bitcoins

To review, Bitcoin faucet is an incentive system, which is a website or mobile app.

Here’s how faucets work:

• You sign up for a Bitcoin faucet website.
• To earn a fraction of a Bitcoin when you play games or accomplish a task.
• You can get Bitcoins every time you win a game or accomplish a task or some website require you to “save up” your rewards before adding Bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet.

This is an ideal option if you like playing games or have no problem doing an easy assignment.

Using faucets is also a good way to help introduce you to the cryptocurrency realm. Many faucet websites provide information about Bitcoins and might even give you free Bitcoins.

Essentially it allows you to “test out” Bitcoins at a low risk.

#4. Play Game to Make Money Using Bitcoins

There are some games available on Androids, where players can earn money while participating in games.

The set-up is similar to Bitcoin faucets, where they set up an account with a gaming app and play to earn Bitcoins and rewards.

#5. Watch Videos to Make Money Using Bitcoins

Vidybit is a video viewing platform that allows you to earn Bitcoins.

To use this platform, you need to create an account for Xapo or a Bitcoin address.

After you set up your account, you will immediately receive Bitcoins for whatever video you watch. The videos on the platform are short and there are many channels to browse videos from.

Vidybit is the only platform available that will pay Bitcoins solely for watching videos.

#6. Employ Yourself as a Bitcoin Marketer to Make Money Using Bitcoins

Signing up for gives you access to trade Bitcoins for your own currency by trading.

People who sign up for this website turn into market makers when they buy and sell through the site.

Here are the steps to becoming a market maker
• Sign up for a account.
• Design a Bitcoin advertisement to sell them.
• Put Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet so customers can trade with you.
• When someone trades with you, the funds are put into your Bitcoin Wallet.


I hope this short piece gave you a good start on ways to make money using Bitcoins. You can also refer to this guide to bitcoins for any further clarifications.

These aren’t all the ways to make money; however, they are the more safe or smart ways to do it.

Try one of them and let us know if there are others that are safe and work!

Considering Becoming a Bitcoin Miner? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Becoming a Bitcoin Miner

Mining Bitcoin is one of the most important concepts in the cryptocurrency field.

For paper money, the national government determines how and when to print and issue money.

A centralized bank or government does not regulate or issue Bitcoin to its users. It’s backed by people’s belief that it has value.

Bitcoin miners create Bitcoin using special software algorithms to answer and prove math problems. In exchange, these miners are given a fixed number of Bitcoin for their own use.

Bitcoin miners do more than creating Bitcoin. They authorize transactions made on the network to keep it secure. Without Bitcoin miners, there would be no way to guarantee equality among users while continuing to keep the network steady, sheltered, and protected.

Mining Bitcoin is a vital part of the network and anyone can become one themselves. To start, you need the right software and your computer’s CPU.

Before making it your new “side job”, we’ve summarized background information for you.

Origins of Bitcoin

We’ve written a simple version to explain where Bitcoin come from and why people want to become miners.

When a transaction occurs between two Bitcoin users it is published on the Bitcoin network. Miners authorize and secure each of these business operations.

To confirm a new transaction, they are added to the transaction “block” and then miners solve a mathematical “proof”.

Each time a transaction is processed and authorized, a Bitcoin miner earns a fee. When bitcoin blocks of transactions are produced, miners contend to solve the proof. The winner is awarded new Bitcoin.

Miners also earn Bitcoin when they create new ones.

This system of solving proofs prevents Bitcoin from inflating. The proofs become increasingly more difficult and it restrains the number of available Bitcoin. This arrangement also keeps the miners motivated to continually run their software.

Now, that we have a working definition, we can discuss how to you can become a bitcoin miner.

Points to Consider

Similar to other job industries, there are apprehensions for you to consider.

The main concern to consider is your profitability and productivity as a bitcoin miner. You want to be sure your energy utilization and hash rate stabilize each other. You wouldn’t want your bitcoin costs to be more than what you earn.

Fortunately, the software for Bitcoin miners has improved over the years and have become more efficient. The newer more productive software is well organized and easy to launch.

For a beginner Bitcoin miner, the energy costs to run the software out of your home is unprofitable for what you earn.

This trend increases as the rewards for solving proofs decreases. This is especially prevalent in countries that do not subsidize electricity bills.

This shouldn’t deter you from becoming a Bitcoin miner and making money using bitcoins. However, consider the cost of running the software before you decide to mine.

Types of Mining Hardware

With today’s computers, you will already have the hardware to be a Bitcoin miner or can easily set it up. For beginner miners, buying additional hardware isn’t necessary.

If you are looking to make a profit out of mining or are serious about it, you need to buy the necessary software to stand out.

Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners are the most efficient and high-speed hardware that is specifically designed for Bitcoin miners. It has a substantial investment cost; however, it has the potential of returning your initial bitcoin investment and turning it into a profit.

Popular ASIC hardware with high ratings includes BITMAIN and AntMiner.

If you’re just beginning, it’s advised to buy used hardware until you can put aside money for a brand-new program.

As mentioned earlier, the mining profitability is decreasing while the proofs difficulty is increasing and the hardware becomes more expensive.

Take the time to deliberate the cost and profitability before starting your Bitcoin mining project or career.

Consistent Mining Work

If you need consistent mining work, consider joining a bitcoin mining pool or look into cloud mining.

A mining pool combines Bitcoin miners’ resources and divides their hash rate to split the profits. This corresponds to the number of shares you provide to help solve a proof. Bitcoin mining pools emerged as the proofs became so hard for solo miners to solve.

To join a mining pool, research the different ones that are available, as it can affect your earnings. Popular ones include BTCC, Slush Pool, Antpool, and F2Pool.

Cloud mining lets users purchase mining contracts by the gigahash rate. Miners hire themselves out other users.

Just like a mining pool, study the subject before joining one.

Different Types of Mining Software

Using Bitcoin mining software is necessary to connect you to the blockchain.

Essentially, the software gives you the work and you submit it when you’re done. This is then communicated to the blockchain or pool you belong to.

The better software programs will work on any operating system including OSX, Windows, and Linux.

To start off, download Bitcoin Core. This will ensure that your computer is updated to the newest version of bitcoin’s network. This also certifies that your computer is on the same network and prevents problems in the future.

If you’re on ASIC for mining, your hardware is already up to date on the Bitcoin network.

Cgminer and bfgminer are two free software options if you’re PC user.

After choosing and configuring the software on your computer, you’ll have to organize the settings and then press start to begin mining Bitcoin.

Quick & Easy Way To Get Started With Bitcoin Mining


Vista offers a product called Mini Miner which is a combination of both hardware & software, helping people mine bitcoins, right from their home.

Vista is not only changing the game in trading cryptocurrency, but also in cryptocurrency mining with its introduction of the patent-pending in-home mini minor. A first of its kind minor, that can literally fit in the palm of your hand and uses less than five dollars per month of electricity, while mining hundreds of dollars of Bitcoin and other cryptos, and also being ultra-quiet. 

John Williams, the founder of is also a founding member of Vista. You can become too. You just need to have more than one egg in your basket. Mining Crypto & Trading are better than buying Crypto. Both of these can now be done with the world-class company ‘Vista’. There are benefits to being the first in a revolutionary new technology.

Join Now For Free


HashFlare is a range of cloud mining services promoted by HashCoins team, an expert in crypto mining.

It provides cloud mining on the following algorithms:

  • ETHASH – Used to mine Ethereum
  • X11 – Used to mine Dash
  • SHA-256 – Used to mine Bitcoins
  • Scrypt – Used to mine Litecoins

The working of HashFlare can be understood by the following graphic:

HashFlare Working

So, if you too are wondering how to become a bitcoin miner, click the link below and get started.

Join Now For Free

What is Cryptocurrency? How is Cryptocurrency Valued and What Affects the Price of Cryptocurrency?

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Of late, you might have heard a lot of your family, friends, and acquaintances talking about a new currency called Cryptocurrency. They might mention it’s the future for purchasing goods and services or a good investment.

Before investing in cryptocurrency like BitCoin, you might want to know what it is and its particulars.

We will define what Cryptocurrency is and how it is valued.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has created a system of money and space to safely deposit funds similar to a bank. The difference being that cryptocurrency doesn’t rely on a bank and instead is completely reliant on its users.

In essence, Bitcoin is a directive currency. Nothing backs up cryptocurrencies. Since people believe cryptocurrencies have value and use it to pay for goods and services, it creates value. This value continues to grow.

What Affects the Price of Cryptocurrency?

There are numerous important factors and features to which cryptocurrencies react.

Cryptocurrency’s Supply and Demand

The government controls the supply of the circulating paper currency. Meaning, if the government decided to print more paper currency, the value of it will decrease.

The supply of a cryptocurrency cannot be increased or decreased by a government or other authority. For instance, there are only twenty-one million Bitcoins — a form of cryptocurrency — ever created, and they can be divided only one-hundred million times. When more people demand a limited supply, the price and value increase.

Bitcoins are created through a process called Bitcoin Mining. It involves solving mathematical problems and presenting it in proofs. The mathematical problems are becoming increasingly more difficult to solve and more expensive to produce. Therefore, the combination of the high demand and the increasing cost to produce Bitcoin drives up the price.

Energy Needed to Form a Blockchain

The software and hardware required for mining a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin use large amounts of electricity to protect blockchains.

Blockchains are produced when a proof of work is submitted to a Bitcoin mining pool or cloud mining group. As the proofs become more difficult to solve, the energy use increases. This, in turn, increases the price.

Difficulty Level of the Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies have a higher comprehended value and worth when the blockchain is more secure. However, when the security becomes higher so does the Bitcoin mining difficulty level.

As discussed in the previous section, a higher mining difficulty level leads to higher energy costs; and therefore, higher prices and value.

Cryptocurrency Uses

One of the key features of cryptocurrencies is its uses. If there’s not a utility value for cryptocurrencies, then there’s no perceived value.

Currently, you can either use cryptocurrency to pay for goods or services or to create an investment.

How the World Recognizes Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies rely heavily on the public for its prices and worth. The more people know about cryptocurrency and decide to invest in it, the higher the price goes.

Sometimes, the price can vary depending on how the public reacts to an improvement in cryptocurrencies.

There are many cryptocurrencies that people do not recognize or have a smaller market. As a result, their prices are significantly lower than popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Bitcoin’s Influence

Other cryptocurrencies often feel the effect of a rise or fall in Bitcoin’s price. With fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price, other cryptocurrencies might increase or decrease in response.

For example, Litecoin mirrors whatever price fluctuation Bitcoin is going through.

Since people have known about Bitcoin the longest, and it is the most well-provisioned cryptocurrency, it can influence others. Bitcoin is, therefore, also known as the fallback currency.

Mass Media

Similar to the public, the mass media also has an influence on cryptocurrency. The news reports can reflect a positive or negative perception about cryptocurrency.

This perception can be used as a method to control and influence the price.

The Number of Investors

The amount invested and the number of investors can change the prices.

There are a few scenarios that could occur:

  • Investors use a large number of their assets to buy many shares of the market. They try to increase the price by advocating positive things about cryptocurrency.
  • Investors buy many shares of a smaller coin and cause price fluctuations.
  • People jump on the bandwagon and decide to invest and it increases the price.


Cryptocurrencies can originate from a scam.

Scammers persuade people to invest large amounts of money to create a new cryptocurrency. Their ulterior motive is to steal money from the initial investors.

Cryptocurrency scammers are easily caught because of the blockchain. When this event occurs, the value of the coin drops off.

Market Saturation

There are many cryptocurrencies on the market which hold no practical or usage value. This makes it difficult for other cryptocurrencies to catch the public’s eye and increase in value. They are competing in a market full of worthless currencies.

Cryptocurrency Advancements

There are other cryptocurrencies trying to mimic Bitcoin, which affects the price.

In some cases, the new coin does well and has proportional price fluctuations to Bitcoin. In others, it doesn’t do as well.

Trust in Paper Currency

When people begin to trust their paper currency system, it causes them to put more of their money and assets in that system.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are affected as a result.

Governmental Regulations and Laws

The government’s behavior can affect the price and value of cryptocurrencies.

If the government tries to impose tax or asset regulations, it can cause the prices to decrease.

Alternatively, if a government makes cryptocurrencies a country’s legitimate currency, then there would be a progressive effect.

Final Thoughts

This commentary discussed extensively what cryptocurrency is and how its price and worth is determined.

Although there are many features that affect price, belief in it is the most important since nothing backs it up.

We hope this article informed you about the topic and gave you a start if you were interested in investing.

[In Layman’s Terms] What Are Bitcoins and How Can You Invest in Them?

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What are bitcoins

You’ve heard about bitcoin and the rising market for it. Now, you’re curious about it and want to invest your money in it.

Since Bitcoin has become more popular, there are websites and even local businessmen that specialize in this. Both resources can help you learn more about Bitcoin and even assist in your initial investment.

In this article, we will discuss how to select a bitcoin wallet and how purchase bitcoin online or in-person.

Before we talk about the main points, let’s go over some basics about bitcoin.

What are Bitcoins?

An anonymous software developer, with the alias Satoshi Nakamato, created Bitcoin as an online payment system.

Bitcoin is the first payment network system that is completely spread out. There’s no predominant authority or middlemen. The people who are invested in it run and hold the power of the network.

How Bitcoin Runs

To break it down, Bitcoin is a virtual wallet-called Bitcoin wallet, where its users can send and receive bitcoins from each other.

Bitcoin users can also use their currency to pay for goods and services.  All you need is the merchant’s address and the payment amount to send money.

Your transactions are processed and archived on a public record. Online initials or signatures corresponding to a bitcoin address protects and validates each transaction.

Bitcoin Pros and Cons

With any investment, there are advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to open a Bitcoin wallet, take a few minutes to read over a few pros and cons.


  • Flexibility: There’s no rules or administrative “red tape” involved with Bitcoin. You have the freedom to send and collect bitcoins at any time and from anywhere.
  • Regulate your fees: To receive your bitcoins there isn’t a fee. For the majority of the Bitcoin wallets, you can oversee or limit your fees when you send Bitcoins or pay for goods and services.
  • Confidence and management: Bitcoin participants have complete control over their transactions. Sellers cannot make undetectable charges and payments do not release personal information. Money is protected using backup and encryption.


  • Not everyone accepts it: Although Bitcoin is growing and there’s more awareness, there are still people who don’t know about it.
  • Unpredictable: Bitcoin is vulnerable to significant price change over a short interval of time. Small business affairs such as trading potentially change the bitcoin price drastically. Since Bitcoin is new to the market, it is difficult to predict whether this volatility will decline over time.
  • Continual growth: Bitcoin still has unfinished attributes, which makes some actions on the market less secure.

If you’re ready to accept the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin, we’ve outlined how to choose your Bitcoin Wallet and purchase your first Bitcoin.

Picking Your Bitcoin Wallet

Your Bitcoin wallet serves as a place for you to send and receive Bitcoins.

When you consider what type of wallet you want, think about if you’re using Windows, OSX, or Linux. You can also set up a wallet on your mobile device or without a computer.

Computer-based Wallets

  • Computer-based wallets will offer more features and a wider variety than ones you could install on your tablet or smartphone. Do the research and pick a wallet that has a high standing with other Bitcoin users and high-security ratings.

Offline Bitcoin Wallets

  • Offline wallets are strongly recommended for users who want to deposit a significant amount of money. Unlike online wallets, offline ones are harder to steal from or hack. Most users who have an offline wallet keep it stored on a USB drive in a safe.

Purchasing Bitcoins

After choosing your Bitcoin wallet, the next step is to buy your first Bitcoin.

If you are a United States user, you have to verify your identity before making your first purchase. This involves submitting your identification information such as your social security number.

For users outside the United States, the rules vary from country to country. You can do the research and find out what is expected.

Popular ways to obtain Bitcoins:

What to Do with Your Bitcoins 

You’re wondering: what am I going to do with my new Bitcoins? or How can I make money using Bitcoins?

You can look for which websites accept bitcoins as payment. There are a handful of websites that recognize Bitcoin as payment and that number increases every day.

You can also invest your money in Bitcoin and purchase as many coins as you wish. You can sell and buy shares when you think it’s appropriate.

Bitcoin Vs. Stocks. Which is a Better Price Investment Option?

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Bitcoin Price Investing

There are a lot of options when it comes to investing your money: foreign currencies, gold and silver, stocks, and the newest option, cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most well-known and valuable cryptocurrency, and more and more people are choosing to invest in bitcoin versus stocks. But should you?

Here are five reasons why investing in bitcoin is better than putting money into the stock market:

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Poor Predictions for the US Stock Market

Many experts agree that the stock market is in a bubble and it’s just a matter of time before it pops. In September 2017, billionaire investor Julian Robertson said, “The market as a whole is quite high on a historic basis … interest rates are so low that there’s no real competition for the money other than art and real estate.”

Historically speaking, the only time stocks were costlier was during the Tech Bubble. You know, the single largest stock market bubble in history. In August 2017, the Federal Reserve, who tends to downplay market risk, even admitted that “since the April assessment, vulnerabilities associated with asset valuation pressures had edged up from notable to elevated, as asset prices remained high or climbed further, risk spreads narrowed, and expected and actual volatility remained muted in a range of financial markets.”

While some financial advisors claim that FANG stocks are holding strong, most people agree that stock prices are too high and it’s going to come crashing down soon. Bitcoin is poised for mainstream acceptance and when that happens its worth will increase exponentially. Consider this, what would have been $100 worth of bitcoin in 2010 would now be worth over $100 million.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Bitcoin is resistant to Manipulation

One of the biggest criticisms bitcoin gets is that it’s not backed by the US Government, so it can’t be trusted. The irony of that statement is that the many of bitcoin’s proponents favor it because they have more confidence in Bitcoin than their nation’s currency.

Take the US for example. Our stock market is in a bubble and some people are blaming the Federal Reserve. The US dollar is essentially backed by nothing since we left the gold standard decades ago. The Federal Reserve’s ability to print more money means they have a huge amount of influence over the economy which can lead to bubbles, and subsequent crashes.

Bitcoin is not controlled by a single entity, and therefore, counterfeit or additional coins cannot be produced. The expected bitcoin supply is believed to be limited at 21 million. It protects Bitcoin from being manipulated in the same way US dollars can be. Confidence in national currencies as a source of wealth is waning in many countries such as India, Venezuela, China and even the US. Investing in stocks is investing in the worth of the dollar which isn’t trustworthy.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Quicker Returns with Bitcoin Investments

Bitcoin Mining StocksFor the most part, investing in the stock market is seen as the long game to financial wealth. Some people don’t see significant returns on their stock investments for decades. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is providing quick returns due to its quick growth.

From its 2009 beginnings, bitcoin’s price has peaked at $4,765 in early September 2017 and is currently settled around $3,665 a coin. Though it can be volatile, bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down and investments have historically yielded very high returns, all in less than a decade. Mainstream adoption of bitcoin hasn’t happened yet and when it does, the price will increase even further.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Bitcoin is Convenient

Bitcoin is a currency. So you can purchase goods with it as soon as you invest in it, unlike stocks which require you to sell the stocks and then use the money from the sale.

Your investment isn’t tied up — you can spend the money as soon as you’d like to. Companies such as, PayPal, and Microsoft all accept Bitcoin, as do thousands of other small businesses. Bitcoin is the clear winner when it comes to convenience.

Bitcoin vs Stocks: Invest in your Beliefs

Some people invest in bitcoin for the profit, some for security, but many do it because they believe in the power of cryptocurrencies. Across various political spectrums, people are drawn to a currency that isn’t controlled by any one government. To some, it’s almost an act of protest to buy and sell goods using bitcoin instead of dollars – they are stepping outside of a broken system and investing in liberty.

There is a clear winner it comes to bitcoin vs stocks. Whether you are looking to take a political stand or you simply want to increase your wealth quickly, bitcoin is a better bet than the stock market.

Bitcoin Investments Vs Traditional Investments. Where are Higher Returns?

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Bitcoin Investment

There is a lot of interest surrounding Bitcoin and just how it can make money for the common man. The first of various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin came on the scene in 2009. It is actually an electronic form of currency which is quite unlike regular cash as we know it. Bitcoin functions independently of regular currency, and as such, has a low risk of inflation. The additional security afforded by the advanced encryption it uses, makes it quite appealing to many people. At the same time, however, many people are a little standoffish when it comes to cryptocurrency because they don’t completely understand all of the nuances behind the cryptography used to secure the transactions. Nevertheless, they are fast catching on as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are being dubbed as the currency of the future, and the advantages cryptocurrencies have over traditional currencies or investments are becoming more apparent. Let us take a look at how cryptocurrency matches up against the traditional currency.

Cryptocurrency versus Traditional Currency


  • Using the Bitcoin as an example, cryptocurrency does not require the involvement of a third party in trading as with regular currency. This still applies even if the transactions are being carried out internationally. The elimination of the need for a third party gets rids of the need to pay additional fees which generally pop up with the inclusion of a third party. Any associated processing fees are quite minimal especially in comparison with what traditional financial institutions generally charge.
  • The circulation of Bitcoins is controlled in three ways. One of the main ways is through mining which is a process of verification and subsequent release. Another way is through using them as payment for products or services. And thirdly, by purchasing them on a cryptocurrency exchange. The fact that they can only be circulated and distributed in these specific ways, gives it much stronger security than that afforded by regular currency.
  • When using traditional currencies or even checks, many times the transactions take a considerable period of time before they are cleared. In addition, traditional financial institutions have their various fees to process these lengthy transactions. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin completely solve this issue. They make the speed of transactions instantaneous anywhere in the world they take place. In addition, they afford great cost savings to its users with low or non-existent fees in some cases.
  • With growing interest in the Bitcoin, some major online merchants including Amazon, have begun accepting it as a legitimate way to pay for items purchased. As a result, it is becoming increasingly available to transact business in the online and global sphere. Many purchases are restricted to certain currencies only, and this is a challenge facing many people who try to do transactions with traditional currency. With Bitcoin, this restriction is removed and the global marketplace becomes truly open.
  • As a final advantage,the use of Bitcoins allows complete privacy in terms of preservation of identity, and thus identity fraud is prevented quite simply.

How Bitcoin Matches Up Against Traditional Investments


When it comes to investments, Bitcoin investments tend to be highly liquid. This means that you can trade at a stable price, which is not usually the case with most traditional investment options. It is a truly global currency which makes trading and investing easy and secure across international borders.

Unlike with the traditional currency where the value is dependent on government regulations and other global factors which cause the value to go up and down, the value of Bitcoin is solely determined by the demand of the users for them. As a result, the demand which is at this time increasing and is expected to continue that way for a while will result in great Bitcoin investment returns. To put that into perspective, someone who invests $1000 at the beginning of the year in a traditional investment vehicle at a rate of 10% profit for the year will only earn $100 on their investment by year’s end. With Bitcoins, on the other hand, someone who invests the same amount will surpass that in ways they will not be able to foresee, simply based on the demand. The ceiling really cannot be specifically determined based on the current upward trend of Bitcoin investment.

When compared to the traditional methods of investing in stocks which require specialized knowledge and familiarity with the stock market, with Bitcoin investment, the complexity vanishes. Trading can simply be done by means of Bitcoin exchanges, and automated exchanges can also be set up. The process is really not as complex as many people might think.

The fact that Bitcoin has been around for 8 years without any major intrinsic issues, really gives it a stable record which speaks for itself. Why not consider using Bitcoins as an investment instrument in lieu of traditional vehicles, especially at this time when the Bitcoin investment returns are so robust?

Merchants Benefit from Nexxus Global Rewards Community

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Unlike anything that has come before, the Nexxus Global Rewards Community offers a suite of services that will take Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency mainstream and benefit shoppers, merchants, and communities alike.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the win-win opportunity that the Nexxus Global Rewards Community offers to merchants.

Which types of merchants benefit from the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?

If you’re wondering if your retail business would benefit from participating in the Nexxus Global Rewards Community, the answer is yes. Many types of businesses realize tangible benefits from being a part of the rewards community, including restaurants, boutiques, grocery stores, service stations, movie theaters, flower shops, and dry cleaners.

Why would a merchant want to participate in the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?


Nexxus Rewards creates a win-win-win situation for shoppers, merchants, and the local community. First of all, a merchant that participates in the rewards program benefits from increased brand awareness. The Nexxus Rewards app makes it easy for shoppers to find merchants in the program, which further raises awareness.

Since people earn cash back rewards by making purchases from Nexxus merchants, they’re willing to spend more money and return in the future. The community also rewards shoppers for referring their friends. The more shoppers the Nexxus Global Rewards community has, the more awareness participating merchants have.

Do merchants have anything to lose by joining the Nexxus Global Rewards Community?

MerchantsNo! Merchants have a risk-free opportunity to earn more customers through Nexxus Rewards. Unlike other programs, there are no signup fees, contracts, or special software requirements to participate in the rewards community. Merchants pay nothing until they make the first sale from a Nexxus Rewards shopper. Therefore, using the Nexxus Rewards program to procure more customers is a risk-free solution for merchants.

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community is the first of its kind to accept Bitcoin/cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This global rewards loyalty technology exposes members to digital currency in a non-technical way, taking Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency mainstream. Nexxus Rewards is preparing for explosive growth, and this is an opportunity that merchants won’t want to miss.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Nexxus Global Rewards Community creates a risk-free solution for merchants to acquire new customers?


Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to hear how Nexxus Rewards can take your business to the next level by exposing you to a larger audience.

Will Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Be the Next Biggest Thing Since the Internet?

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In a world of financial uncertainty, Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency presents us with a tremendous opportunity to have complete control over our money.

cryptocurrencyFor some, the idea of digital currency is foreign and is reminiscent of what the concept of the credit card looked like to users in its early days. While it has been around for many years, users have historically needed to have a technical, in-depth knowledge of how digital currency works. However, users no longer need to be left in the dark as the Nexxus Global Rewards Community is taking Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency mainstream. This newest wave of technology–a peer to peer electronic cash system–is quickly gaining traction and will be next biggest thing since the internet.

Yes, that’s a bold statement to make as the internet has changed life as we know it. However, to back up this statement, here are several reasons why the Nexxus Global Rewards Community will be a game changer by taking Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency mainstream:

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community gives everyone access to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency


There are approximately 2.2 billion people that don’t currently have access to the traditional exchange. Historically, the knowledge and expertise required to take advantage of Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency created barriers to entry. The Nexxus Global Rewards Community eliminates these barriers and allows everyone to benefit from the use of digital currency. By tapping into this enormous audience that has historically been unengaged in cryptocurrency, we’ll experience a fundamental change in our global economic system.

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is recognized globally, saving time and eliminating fees

When you’re using this system, funds are not impacted by exchange rates or fees, even if the transactions take place internationally. Because cryptocurrency operates at the universal level, this saves users time and money and eliminates the hassle of having to transfer money from one country to the other.

Everyone benefits from the Nexxus Global Rewards Community’s Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System

With the unique format of the Nexxus Global Rewards Community’s peer to peer electronic cash system, all participating members can benefit. Participating shoppers, merchants, non-profit organizations, and affiliates reap the benefits of Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency without having to get technical.

The Nexxus Global Rewards Community eliminates the barriers to entry into this new financial world and allows everyone to benefit from digital currency. Contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn about the substantial financial benefits that the Nexxus Global Rewards Community will offer you.

Global Explosion of Cryptocurrency

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The Explosion of Cryptocurrency on a Global Basis

Cryptocurrency is capturing the attention of entrepreneurs on a global basis. It is considered to be one of the best financial investments to be made today. What makes cryptocurrency so attractive is that it’s not controlled by a central authority and allows people to remain incognito about their investments.

The Background of Digital Currency

There’s nothing new about digital currencies. E-gold was one of the first electronic currencies to be introduced back in the 1990s during the Dot-Com Bubble. Q Coins emerged in the mid-2000s and were so popular in China that they nearly had a destabilizing effect on the Chinese Yuan. Over the past few years, investors from around the world have had a renewed interest in digital currency, which has spawned the birth of several new digital currencies.

How the NexxusCoin is Taking Digital Currency Mainstream

The NexxusCoin, digital currency of the Nexxus Rewards Community, is quickly gaining traction with investors as it doesn’t require mining or any previous experience with cryptocurrency to get started. Historically, there have been high barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency world due to the knowledge and technical experience required. The NexxusCoin is changing all of this, though, by taking it mainstream and allowing any willing investors to take part in this exciting and rewarding financial opportunity.

The Nexxus Rewards Community is a rewards program that will take the concept of digital currency mainstream. Members of the Nexxus Rewards Community can make purchases from member merchants worldwide using NexxusCoins. Additionally, shoppers in this rewards program earn award points from making purchases from member merchants to go towards future purchases. With this format, shoppers have the incentive to make more purchases from participating merchants, and members get their feet wet with cryptocurrency in a non-overwhelming way.

The NexxusCoin is different, and those that get in early with this opportunity will realize huge financial gains. While there has been a lot of hype surrounding digital currency in recent years, the NexxusCoin and the Nexxus Rewards Community will bring explosive growth to the cryptocurrency world.

Are you interested in learning more about NexxusCoins and how you can get involved in the Nexxus Rewards Community? If so, we’d love to speak with you about this tremendous opportunity.

Please contact us at Bridge Advisors to learn how participating early in the Nexxus Rewards Community will lead you to financial freedom.

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