Bridge Advisors Introduces Nexxus Rewards

Bridge Advisors Introduces Nexxus Rewards

Do you want to take back control of your financial future?

There’s never been an easier way to do this than through Nexxus Rewards, which is a global rewards community that offers merchants, shoppers, charities, and affiliates the opportunity to realize substantial financial benefits.


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As a merchant, Nexxus Rewards can be a powerful way to earn new customers and gain tremendous exposure for your business. It’s entirely risk-free for merchants to sign up with Nexxus Rewards, and a small fee will only be assessed once a new customer is earned through the program. Nexxus merchants will continue to benefit financially from purchases made from their referred customers as well as all of the referred friends and family of those customers.



Bridge Advisors Shoppers Rewards Program

Shoppers can register with Nexxus Rewards to receive cashback reward points from any purchases made from a Nexxus merchant. These reward points can be redeemed for cash to go towards purchases from any Nexxus merchant, or shoppers can choose to let reward points accrue to save up for that special something that they can’t live without. Your reward points balance can grow even faster when you share Nexxus Rewards with your friends and family.

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Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

Charities and non-profit organizations can benefit from Nexxus Rewards as well by allowing them to maintain a perpetual fundraiser from member shoppers enrolled in the Nexxus Rewards program. Each purchase from a Nexxus merchant could mean more money for your non-profit organization to help those in need.

AffiliatesBegin Investing and Learn About the Stock Market

Affiliates have three levels of earning potential, Nexxus University, Nexxus Shopper Rewards and Nexxus Bartering. Another opportunity to benefit financially from the Nexxus Rewards and Nexxus University, and Nexxus Bartering programs is to become an affiliate. Nexxus affiliates are trained and certified with the Nexxus Rewards and Nexxus University programs, and they are responsible for helping merchants acquire and maintain new customers. Affiliates get paid from all of the purchases made by their referred shoppers and Nexxus University training materials sold, as well as their merchants’ referred customers and friends. By becoming an affiliate, you’ll be able to earn a stable, long-term income from shoppers that never stop shopping. If we have you intrigued about a supportive community where everyone benefits–whether you’re a merchant, shopper, charity, or affiliate.


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