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Buy, Sell, & Trade for Cash & Cryptocurrency!


Participating is Easy & Free?

To take advantage of the bartering program, you must be referred by someone that is already a Nexxus Rewards member. This keeps the group private and allows for safer bartering between members.

Because this program is free and offers a real tangible value to members, Nexxus Barter meets people where they’re at and allows them to get their feet wet with cryptocurrency without any risk. Nexxus Barter allows shoppers to buy and sell items for cash and cryptocurrency. All rewards are paid in cryptocurrency coins and can be used to purchase other items from sellers through Nexxus Barter or to make purchases from merchants.

nexxus-barterBarter and Earn!

Earn a new income stream simply through bartering with Nexxus Barter. Networkers can earn even more by building affiliates teams through the bartering aspect of Nexxus Rewards. This income stream uses an advertising income model. While ads can be listed for free they can also be featured or enhanced for a fee, and that advertising revenue is all commissionable.

List Items for Bartering

  • Unlimited free ads for all categories

  • List your business opportunity ad

  • Premium Advertising Program

As you can see, there are many ways to benefit from the Nexxus Barter program without being a cryptocurrency expert. This program provides you with an opportunity to benefit financially as well as educate you about the many possibilities with cryptocurrency.



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